Garden Advice for Mid-May to Mid-June

I just love this time of year when everywhere is developing a beautiful shade of green! Every year it’s like a revelation as hedgerows, trees, lawns, everywhere, turn the most beautiful shade of fresh, new, positive, wonderful, green. There are many jobs you can do now to keep your garden or allotment looking beautiful, here are some ideas to get you started:

The Chelsea chop, so called as it’s often carried out around the time of the Chelsea Flower Show, is simply cutting back herbaceous perennial plants, reducing them to up to half their original size before they flower, so as to delay flowering and create stockier, bushier plants.

Gardening Advice for Mid-June to Mid-July

The garden is fascinating at this time of year.  I love the wonderful sound of the birds singing and I just relish the scents of honeysuckle, roses and other flowers, even the scent of grass is so relaxing.

If you get time to put your feet up it’s the ideal time to pre-order bulbs, corms and tubers from specialist nurseries to plant this autumn.