Orchidarium Planting List

Earlier this year I decided to create an Orchidarium to house some of my miniature orchids and ferns.

Beautiful Miniature Orchids to Grow in Terrariums

If you’re looking for beautiful miniature orchids to grow in a terrarium, I hope this planting list will help you.  I have planted each of the miniature orchids featured below inside my specialised, automated BiOrbAir terrariums.  You can see how well each orchid is currently growing, by clicking on the link for each plant, where you can read my monthly updates, see more photographs, and find out more about these tiny, beautiful, and very special plants.

A long-term review of the BiOrbAir

I am reviewing and trialling the BiOrbAir, a specialised terrarium created by Reef One.  I’ll be updating this page each month with a photograph of my BiOrbAir and an update of how the plants are growing and how well the BiOrbAir is working.  

This is the first part of my long-term BiOrbAir review, it starts after planting in September 2014, and continues through until April 2015.  

Planting List for Terrariums and Bottle Gardens

I am a huge fan of terrariums and bottle gardens!  Here’s a list of plants that are suitable for terrarium growing, I hope this will help you if you decide to set up your own terrarium or bottle garden!

Planting list for my BiOrbAir and traditional terrarium

This is the full planting list for the BiOrbAir and the traditional terrarium I planted for my feature in the January 2015 edition of Vantage Point Magazine.