Daffodils As Cut Flowers

All daffodils are wonderful as cut flowers; it’s especially wonderful to enjoy the heady, deliciously sweet scent of the fragrant types indoors.  Some of the tall or large flowered, heavy headed daffodils, the double flowered types, do much better as a cut flower, they benefit from the protection of being admired in a vase indoors, as their stems are often damaged by the wind or rain outside.

It’s important to keep daffodils in separate vases from other cut flowers.  The sap and mucilage from the daffodil stem is detrimental to other cut flowers, even a tiny amount of sap from a daffodil in the vase water will significantly reduce the life of other cut flowers. This is because the daffodil mucilage reduces the uptake of water of the other flowers in the vase and stimulates bacteria growth, clogging the cut flower’s vascular system, often causing the stems to bend over and the flowers to wilt before their buds have even opened.  If you are desperate to include daffodils in a vase with other flowers, you can alleviate these symptoms by placing your daffodils in a separate vase of water for 24 hours, effectively giving them a soaking and allowing the majority of the sap to be released before you combine with other flowers. Then arrange in a clean vase with fresh water with your other spring flowers; do not cut the daffodil stems again, as this will release more mucilage to the detriment of your cut flowers.

Cut the daffodil stems at an angle to increase the surface area of the stem and allow for a greater uptake of water.  When arranging daffodils, or indeed any cut flowers, always use super clean vases and fresh water.  After a couple of days, re-cut the daffodil stems to ensure they can continue to take up water, regularly change the vase water and clean or change the vase as necessary.


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