Here is the first flower spike that appeared on my Domingoa purpurea, as pictured on the 2nd May 2016. As you can see the flower bud still hasn’t opened, and the flower bud has turned from pink to brown! I think this flower may have sadly died before it has even opened. I smiled to myself as I included this orchid in my original planting for this terrarium, I pictured the long flower spikes trying to do laps around the edge of the terrarium! This Domingoa purpurea was an orchid that I expected to use as an example of what not to include for a terrarium planting scheme, as it naturally has such long flower spikes which render it unsuitable for this type of planting. I have had concerns from the onset that the flowers would be blasted and wouldn’t open or flower successfully. There is one flower spike, in an earlier stage of development produced by this same plant, but I don’t hold out a huge amount of hope as to seeing its flowers open.

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