I am hoping that my Aerangis fastuosa, (I am far from certain that this miniature orchid is actually Aerangis fastuosa, but as I am unable to identify with any certainty which Aerangis it is, I am referring to this orchid as fastuosa, as this was the orchid I ordered, until I can confirm otherwise!) will continue growing well. I am so happy to see the beautiful new leaf the Aerangis has produced, I hope this miniature orchid will be happier now that I have re-mounted the orchid onto a new piece of cork, in a different position, and in a different location within my Miniature Orchid Trial BiOrbAir Terrarium. I used more moss than I had planned to when mounting the orchid, but so far this plant seems happy enough – so I am not making any alterations at the moment – but I am keeping a close eye on this plant.

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