Here is my Aerangis. I refer to this miniature orchid as Aerangis fastuosa, as that was the variety that I ordered when I purchased this plant, but I am uncertain as to which variety of Aerangis it actually is. It could be Aerangis fuscata, which is the name that one of my readers suggested. The only way for me to identify with any real certainty which orchid I have, would be if this miniature orchid flowered, when it would be far easier for me to identify. For most of the time I have had this Aerangis it has looked at least a little unhappy – I have been concerned that I would lose this plant. With this in mind, I recently re-mounted this orchid, moving it into in a horizontal position, mounted on a fresh piece of cork. I am now moving this Aerangis to a shadier place, in my other BiorbAir terrarium, as I am concerned that since I moved this plant to its new mount, that it may have been in a far brighter position, receiving more light that it would have preferred.

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