Here’s my BiOrbAir terrarium, as pictured on the 6th May 2016. I’ve been rather lax and I haven’t misted my orchids as much as they, the Restrepias in particular, would have liked. As a consequence, the flower bud on my Restpreia sanguinea is looking limp and lifeless. My Restrepia purpurea ‘Rayas Vino Tinto’ also has a slightly limp bud. I will try to make amends and will endeavor to mist my orchids this week. Restrepias, I find, tend to be happiest when they are misted frequently, and receive a lot of moisture. If I had paid more attention to these Restrepias and had just spent a couple of minutes misting them a few times this week, I would have had two beautiful flowers to have photographed this evening.

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