The Garden of Potential was designed by Daniel Bristow and Sarah Page (Propagating Dan) and built by Mark Wallinger. This Fresh Garden was sponsored by GreenWood Forest Park. Featuring the unpopular and almost universally abhorred Leylandii and equally disliked Equisetum arvense, also known as common horsetail, this Fresh Garden provokes its visitors with its inclusion of these unusual show plants and its quirky design. Visitors might be interested to find Diphylleia grayi, also known as the glass plant – as its petals become transparent when it rains,included in this garden, alongside Schefflera species, which are also known as umbrella plants. The centrepiece of this garden is a giant 5 tonne granite boulder, which is balanced upon the roof of an oak pavilion, underneath of which is a ceramic sculpture, created by Jesse Wine. A path leading into the garden, quickly changes to become a fence, tipping, or directing visitors into the garden, a neatly clipped box ball has been symbolically relegated from the garden, and sits behind the fence.

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