Elegantly perfumed roses to plant this winter

As autumn turns to winter, days shorten and the prospect of warming ourselves by the fire may be more enticing than being outdoors, take time to warm your heart with thoughts of elegantly perfumed roses.  This is the perfect opportunity to order roses as bare root plants to plant during the winter time, while the plants are dormant, to deliver charming, beautiful rose blooms and delectable fragrance to your garden or allotment next summer.

Ordering bare root plants is a prudent method of purchasing roses, fruit trees, and other trees and shrubs.  Bare root plants are usually less costly than container plants, and as you’re ordering the plants bare root without containers, it’s often a more ecologically friendly way to purchase plants.  In my experience bare root plants tend to be healthier and establish better than container grown plants, especially in the case of deep-rooted plants like roses and trees.

Fragrant climbing roses

Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ is a beautifully fragrant climbing rose.

If you’re looking for a sumptuous, dreamy climbing rose to decorate your front doorway, I doubt you could find a better rose that Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ (Auswalker) with its softy coloured yellow blooms, which bring a gentle, soothing light to even the dullest day of our British summertime.

The many petalled blooms of Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ form delightful rosettes, which produce a warm and delicious tea rose fragrance that has a sensual myrrh character.  This beautiful rose with its graceful flowers, which have an ethereal quality and alluring perfume, would make a wonderful feature, whether grown over an arch, adorning a wall, grown around a window, or clothing a doorway.  Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ will reach about 12ft (3.6m) tall.

Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’ is a beautifully fragrant climbing rose, ideal for arches, obelisks, for framing windows or doorways.

Fragrant container roses

If you’re looking for a container rose, for optimum results choose a large, deep planter that will accommodate your rose’s long taproot, and opt for a smaller-sized rose.

I’ve been in love with Rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ (Ausbrother) since this delightful rose’s introduction over ten years ago.  ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ is a highly perfumed rose that produces absolutely charming, warm apricot-orange blushed, beautiful bowl shaped blooms, which envelop anyone making its acquaintance in a delicious, fruity fragrance, which has a warmth and intensity that we look for in roses but rarely find.

Rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’.

Growing 3.5ft (1m) tall and 3ft (90cm) wide, Rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ is a fabulous choice for a container, or a border where its charismatic flowers and their delectable scent can be enjoyed.

Container grown roses benefit from a loam based compost.  I mix my own compost, adding Dalefoot’s wool based compost for extra water retention and nutrients.

Wherever you’re planting roses, don’t forget to apply mycorrhizal fungi at planting time.  Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plants, the fungi helps the plant to develop a more extensive, wider-reaching root system, which benefits the plants, making the plant more resilient in times of drought or stress, and allowing new plants to establish quickly.

This article was first published in the November 2017 edition of Vantage Point Magazine.

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