Special Offers: Pippa Greenwood’s Vegetable Plants, Seeds, and Gifts

Dear Readers, I caught up with Pippa Greenwood recently, Pippa has a website where you can purchase vegetable plants, seeds, and other gifts for gardeners.  Pippa offers a service where her customers can order the vegetables they want to grow, the vegetable plants are then grown in Lincolnshire, in the UK, and posted out as garden ready plants in early to mid May, when the vegetable plants can be planted out in your garden, or at your allotment.  As part of the service, Pippa emails her customers detailed instructions on how to care for their vegetable plants, sending emails each week with instructions on how to prepare the ground before planting, how best to plant the vegetables they’ve ordered, with continuing advice and reminders on feeding, watering, etc, to help her customers to grow healthy and delicious vegetables.  This would be a great gift for a novice vegetable grower or a family!

The gift recipient chooses the vegetables they wish to grow from the selection on offer, so you’re sure to be helping the recipient of your gift to grow vegetables that they will enjoy eating as well as growing!  The plants are wrapped in paper, not plastic.

Pippa Greenwood’s website sells vegetable plants, seeds, and gift vouchers, where the recipient can choose their own plants.

As well as vegetable plants, Pippa Greenwood stocks seeds, rootrainers, and other products.  Pippa is offering PumpkinBeth.com readers 10% off all her products at www.pippagreenwood.com.  This offer runs from 31st October 2018, and ends on the 2nd January 2019.  If you want to take up this offer, just add the products you wish to purchase to your basket, then when you come to pay, add the code 12505-XPSNK to the box, to give you 10% off your purchases.

Pippa Greenwood sent me this lovely photograph of her pictured with one of Pippa’s vegetable plant orders to use for this post, along with this photograph of Pippa’s vegetable plants and the picture above of vegetables grown from some of Pippa’s plants this year.  I’ve not taken any of the photographs that accompany this particular post myself.

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