Beautiful Orchids with Crystalline Flowers

Orchids with Crystalline Flowers

I find that a little sparkle is especially welcome at this time of year.  With this in mind, I’ve produced animations of some of the orchids I’ve grown that produce crystalline flowers, to hopefully bring some sparkle and plant related joy to your Christmas!

These absolutely fabulous orchids, produce flowers that naturally have a little hint of a sparkle within their petals – their flowers glisten in the light.  Plants are amazing!

Christmas is a crazy time!  I hope that you can make time for yourself, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea and take a moment to relax and appreciate the wondrous, natural beauty of these orchids.  Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I wish you a very merry Christmas!

Aerangis calantha

Aerangis calantha grows on the branches and twiggy sticks of trees in forested areas. I’ve grown my plant mounted onto a piece of wood. This plant is growing inside my Rainforest Terrarium.
Aerangis calantha flowers develop long nectaries, the blooms are pollinated by moths.
Aerangis calantha is an orchid species from the Congo, Africa, Angola, and Uganda.
A closer look at an individual Aerangis calantha inflorescence.

For more information about Aerangis calantha, please click here.  To see more pictures of this particular orchid in flower, please click here.

Aerangis citrata

Aerangis citrata is a miniature orchid species, which is endemic to Madagascar. This is an epiphytic orchid that grows upon trees, in areas of evergreen forest.
A closer look at this Aerangis citrata specimen’s flowers, as pictured on the 10th December 2018.
A closer look at this Aerangis citrata specimen’s flowers, as pictured on the 10th December 2018.
Here’s a closer look at an individual Aerangis citrata flower.
The tiny lemon-yellow coloured pollen cap, that you can see at the centre of this Aerangis citrata flower is a characteristic feature of this orchid species.

For more information about Aerangis citrata, please click here.

Aerangis hyaloides

Aerangis hyaloides is a magnificent little orchid species. This miniature orchid grows upon trees in forests in Eastern Madagascar, where Aerangis hyaloides plants relish the humid growing conditions found in this area.
I have a number of Aerangis hyaloides specimens growing inside my terrariums. I have included a British five pence piece in this photograph, to more accurately reflect the size and scale of this diminutive orchid and its captivating, glass like flowers.
A closer look at Aerangis hyaloides inflorescences. The second part – the specific epithet of this miniature orchid species’ name is ‘hyaloides’, which originates from the greek word for glass, this references Aerangis hyaloides’ glass-like blooms, which naturally glisten and sparkle. This delightful miniature orchid’s leaves are naturally glossy too!
I love Aerangis hyaloides, the flowers look as if they have been knitted by a fairy from a winter morning’s frost! This charming little orchid is growing inside my Madagascar Terrarium.
This is Aerangis hyaloides, a beautiful miniature orchid from Madagascar.

For more information about Aerangis hyaloides, please click here.

Amesiella minor 

I have placed a British five pence piece coin alongside this Amesiella minor specimen, to clearly demonstrate the diminutive size of this miniature orchid and its flower, which is very large, especially when you consider the small size of the plant.
Amesiella minor is miniature, epiphytic orchid species that produces these incredibly beautiful, very elegant flowers!
I find Amesiella minor to be quite a difficult orchid to grow. This miniature orchid is a recently discovered species. The plant’s beauty makes it an attractive acquisition for orchid collectors, but as a consequence this threatens this special orchid’s chance of long-term survival in the wild.

For more information about Amesiella minor, please click here.

Ceratostylis pristina

This is Ceratostylis pristina, a miniature orchid species that is endemic to the Kalatungan mountain range, in the Philippines.
Ceratostylis pristina, is a newly described orchid species. This miniature orchid produces crystalline flowers, which are very large in comparison to the diminutive size of the plant.
I recorded this animation of Ceratostylis pristina to show you the beauty of this orchid species’ flower as it glistens in the light.
Ceratostylis pristina is a miniature epiphytic orchid species that produces these absolutely fabulous crystalline flowers.

For more information about Ceratostylis pristina, please click here.

Hymenorchis javanica

Hymenorchis javanica pictured with a British five pence piece to clearly show the diminutive size of this orchid. Hymenorchis javanica is pictured here inside my White Orchid Trial Terrarium.
A closer look at one of the Hymenorchis javanica flowers, here you can see the nectar inside this flower’s nectary!
A closer look at an individual Hymenorchis javanica flower. For me, this miniature orchid species’ flowers have an etherial quality and an elegant beauty all of their own.
Hymenorchis javanica is a mini-miniature orchid from Java. Here’s a closer look at Hymenorchis javanica’s tiny, but utterly magnificent flowers!
Hymenorchis javanica’s blooms are held tightly together in clusters. I love to study Hymenorchis javanica’s crystalline flowers. These pretty, bell-shaped inflorescences have a serrated, fringed outline, they’re really rather special!

For more information about Hymenorchis javanica, please click here.

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