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Every year, many of my readers have got in touch to ask me for my recommendations for a strong and effective, comfortable and lasting, spade or fork.  I love to help out.  I relish that wonderful feeling when I’ve tried and tested a product and have found the item to be incredibly useful and effective.  Knowing that I can help other gardeners with my recommendations is a wonderful feeling.  So, why have I not recommended a spade or fork before?  Well to be perfectly honest with you, we’ve tried so many wooden handled spades and forks, but they just don’t last long at my house.  We currently garden on light, very easy to work, sandy soil, yet my husband has been known to snap brand new spades and forks, on the tool’s first outing!

I was sent this WOLF-Garten tool earlier this year, yet it is already one of the longest lasting spades that we’ve had.  Rest assured that if this spade breaks tomorrow, or the next day, or next month, next year, or even in 10 years’ time, I will be sure to update this review, to let you know.

This is the WOLF-Gartden Straight Spade, a new spade design that was first released to the market in 2019.

WOLF-Garten new spades!

WOLF-Garten launched two new spades this year.  The WOLF-Garten Pointed Spade has been especially designed to make it easier for gardeners to break up stony, heavy, and compacted soils.  While, the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade has been specifically designed for the other extreme – lighter, easier to work, sandy or silty soils.

The WOLF-Garden Straight Spade is backed up by a 10 year guarantee.
The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade measures 123cm (4ft) tall.

Choosing tools for your garden

When choosing plants and tools for your garden, it’s worth taking some time out to evaluate what type of soil you have; as your soil will effect what types of plants will be happiest growing in your garden and your soil may also influence what tools will be most effective.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade features an induction-hardened baron steel blade, for maximum stability and durability.

It’s well worth visiting a garden centre and spending time picking up and holding the various tools on offer, to hopefully find a tool that’s the ideal height and weight, and a suitable and comfortable size and shape for you.  A tool that may feel very comfortable for you to use, may be very difficult for another person to work with.  So, meet as many spades or forks as you can, to get an idea of what will and will not work for you, before making your purchase.

Hold the tool and try to imagine using it.  Do you need to stoop too far, to hold or to practice using this tool yourself?  If so, you may need a taller spade or fork.  Whereas, if a spade or fork feels too unwieldy or unmanageable, you may wish to consider looking for a smaller tool.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is ideally suited to taller gardeners. The model using the spade in this picture is just over 1.8m (6ft) tall.  This picture might make this spade appear a little shorter in size, as the picture was taken whilst the blade of the spade was inserted into the soil – mid-dig – as it were!

WOLF-Garten Straight Spade

The soil in my garden is very sandy, as I currently garden in an area of Surrey greensand.  WOLF-Garten kindly sent me the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade, to see what I thought of this new tool, as WOLF-Garten have designed this new spade especially for use on light, free draining soils, like mine.

The long handle of the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade has been designed to reduce back strain whilst digging.

I’ve been a ‘no-dig’ gardener all my life.  Earlier this year, I devised some big changes to alter my small garden, where a spade has definitely been needed.  To do the work, I’ve called on the help of a small team of gardening heroes.  Work has been intensive over the past eight months: my small pond has been replaced with a new, larger pond.  I’ve designed a new trials area, and a new garden area, complete with small trees, shrubs, climbers, annuals, and perennials.

The WOLF-Garden Straight Spade features a straight edged blade, that has been especially designed for light, sandy or silty soils.

I’ve been putting my friends and family to work, they’ve been undertaking a number of different tasks in my garden, using the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade, to give this new spade a thorough testing and find out more about this new tool.

The tread edge on the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is wide enough to enable gardeners to easily put sufficient pressure into every digging exertion.
A closer look at the tread on the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade.

All of my testers told me that they were surprised to find that the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade was lighter to use than they anticipated.  At first glance, this looks such a large, heavy spade, but in practice, almost all of my testers found it to be a good weight for them to use.

My shorter testers did not find the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade as easy to use as my taller testers.  With the exception of my shorter testers, I found that the longer the period of time that my taller testers used this spade for, the more they became acquainted with this tool, and the more effective they found it.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade features an ergonomic D-grip handle.

All of my testers found the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade felt robust and sturdy.  They appreciated the details, such as the non-slip D-grip handle, which allows plenty of room to hold, it’s not restrictive at all.  This handle features two non-slip materials, so it feels different at either side of the handle to the front of the handle.  It’s very effective, making it easy to keep hold of the handle, whilst working intensively.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade has a bright red coloured handle.  It looks attractive, but it’s also a useful feature for gardeners who tend to lose their tools at their garden or allotment, as the red colour really stands out across the garden, making it easier to spot your spade in amongst your plants.

A closer look at the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade’s handle. This D-grip handle had been ergonomically designed for comfortable use. The sides of this handle are comprised of a non-slip material, making the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade easier to use.

Spades for taller gardeners

All of my testers reported that this was the tallest spade that they had ever used.  The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade will be a welcome addition to any taller gardener’s tool shed; this would be a great Christmas gift idea for a tall gardener.  I think that this new spade will be a real blessing for taller gardeners.  My husband is 6ft tall, he has found that the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is the perfect height for him.

To find gardening tools that are perfectly suited to you, it’s a good idea to check the size, feel, and the weight of any gardening tools you’re considering purchasing. WOLF-Garten tools are available from leading garden centres in the UK, as well as online. WOLF-Garten products are available across Europe.

Tool selection is such a personal choice, but if you’re a gardener of 1.7m (5’6″ft) or smaller, it’s possible that you may find that the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is too tall for you.


The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is comprised of a baron steel blade, which has been induction-hardened to create a resilient, strong tool.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade’s blade measures 20cm (7.8inch) wide, with a length of 28cm (11inches) tall.

The ‘D’ shaped handle was ergonomically designed, to make this spade comfortable to use.  The non-slip coating helps to make the spade’s handle easier to use.  While the long handle has been created to reduce the strain on your back, as you dig.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade features a long robust handle that benefits from a reinforced steel shaft, with a non slip sleeve that’s designed to help gardeners maintain a firm, comfortable grip whilst digging.


The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade has been especially designed for gardeners who garden on light, free draining sandy or silty soils.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade measures 123cm (4ft) tall.  While this spade’s blade, measures 20cm (7.8inch) wide, with a length of 28cm (11inches) tall.  The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade’s shaft measures 82cm (2.7ft) to the base of the handle.  The handle measures 15cm (6inches) tall and 15cm (6inches) wide.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade’s handle measures 15cm (6inches) tall and 15cm (6inches) wide.


The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade weighs in at 2.1kg or 4.6lb.

10 year guarantee

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Stiffening ribs prevent the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade from bending, after prolonged use.

More info

The WOLF-Garden Straight Spade has been especially designed for light, sandy or silty soils.

The WOLF-Garten Straight Spade is part of a comprehensive range of WOLF-Garten gardening tools.

It’s best to choose gardening tools that are perfectly suited to your height and feel comfortable to use.  If you want to see how this spade feels and find out if it suits you, you’ll find this WOLF-Garten Straight Spade and other WOLF-Garten tools available at leading garden centres, around the UK.  WOLF-Garten products are also available online and across Europe.

If you’d like more information about the WOLF-Garten Straight Spade, here’s a link to visit WOLF-Garten’s website.

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