Announcing the winner of Burpee Europe & Mr Fothergill’s Competition to name their new blight-resistant tomato!

Last month, I published a lovely competition from Burpee Europe and Mr Fothergill’s who gave readers an exciting opportunity to name their first ever blight-resistant orange tomato!  Thank you to everyone of you who entered; it was tough to decide on a winner as we received heaps of super name suggestions for this interesting new tomato.  Our favourites were:

Sweet Amber, suggested by Laura Blackburn
Tangerino, suggested by Roger Seaman
Golden Girl, suggested by Irene Wilson
Merrygold, suggested by Ann Page
Hope, suggested by Penny Grant and Helen Tottle-Nugent
Sunpop, suggested by Georgina G. C. Harvey
Sunnyside, suggested by Simon Hanson
Pippa, suggested by Glenn Marvell-James
Tombola, suggested by Jane Wilson
Orangatangy, suggested by Robert Mcintosh

These winners will all receive packets of Tomato ‘Honeycomb’, Cucumber ‘Merlin’, and Pepper ‘Popti’ seeds.

But what is the winning name for this new tomato, I hear you ask?…..I’m thrilled to announce that the winner is Ann Page, who chose to christen this tomato with the delightful name ‘Merrygold’.  Tomato ‘Merrygold’, what a super name!  Congratulations to Ann, who has won the first packet of seeds of Tomato ‘Merrygold’, as well as packets of Tomato ‘Honeycomb’, Cucumber ‘Merlin’, and Pepper ‘Popti’ seeds!

Named by Ann Page, this is Burpee Europe’s newest tomato ‘Merrygold’. This blight-resistant orange tomato will be available in 2021. Photo credit: Burpee Seeds.

Tomato ‘Merrygold’ is the result of new development from Burpee Europe’s breeding to the create the world’s first blight-resistant, orange fruited tomato.  The indeterminate (cordon) plants produce a mass of bright orange fruit.  ‘Merrygold’ tomato plants can be grown inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, or outdoors in your garden or at your allotment.

Like most tomato plants, ‘Merrygold’ will need to be supported (I’ve found the best way do this is using strong garden twine – see my Twine Trial using twine to support tomato plants – here) staked and side-shooted to flourish.  Tomato ‘Merrygold’ produces 25-30 gram golden fruit that have a sweet and slightly tangy flavour, making them perfect for summer salads.

Tomato ‘Merrygold’ seeds will be available to purchase from Mr Fothergill’s in 2021.

In the meantime, if you’re still deciding on what tomato to grow this year – my favourite tomato from Burpee Europe is Tomato ‘Honeycomb’, which was bred by Simon Crawford.  This is a superb cherry tomato with a tangy, fruity flavour; it’s absolutely delicious!

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