Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023

This year, Mothers Day is on Sunday 19th March 2023.  The best things in life are free – spending time together is a priceless gift that means more than anything.  If you’re looking for gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2023, I have some fantastic ideas!

Make the Promise of a Day Out Together and Visit a Beautiful Garden

Love and friendship are priceless gifts.  Why not gift an early present with the promise of a day out together in a magnificent snowdrop garden in February?  You’ll find my calendar of snowdrop garden openings here.  If you’d prefer to buy snowdrop plants, here’s a link to my list of reputable snowdrop suppliers.

It’s wonderful to see a large collection of Daffodils en masse.

Looking for a super day out in springtime?  Here’s my calendar of daffodil garden openings, daffodil shows, talks and events.

Don’t miss this article I’ve written about some of the most beautiful spring gardens in Surrey.

Buying Flowers

A beautiful jug of scented daffodils from Fentongollan.

If you’re buying flowers, check out this article I wrote about buying flowers for Mother’s Day.

Join a Gardening Club or Horticultural Society!

A great way to have fun and make new friends is to join a gardening club; many great local gardening clubs meet regularly in towns and villages across Surrey.   Membership of a gardening club would make a lovely gift, you could help to introduce the recipient of your gift to a lovely new group of friends and widen their gardening knowledge in the process.  If you’re looking for a society near you, or close to a friend or relation, visit www.surreyhorticulturalfederation.org where you’ll find details of local horticultural societies and information about their meetings and events.

I love being a member of the National Vegetable Society. If you enjoy growing vegetables, why not become a member? Membership of a gardening club or society makes a fantastic gift.

Gardening talks can be varied, informative and interesting; attending a talk is a great way to learn more about plants and gardening.  The Surrey Horticultural Federation have a calendar of gardening talks and events, here’s a link.

Buy the Best Garden Twine!

I trialled and tested all of these garden twines, during my Garden Twine Trial.

During my Tomato Trial, I unintentionally used an inferior twine that kept snapping, sending my plants crashing to the floor; it was incredibly frustrating!  I was determined not to experience the same mishap again, so I decided to run a Twine Trial to find durable, robust twines that are capable of supporting tomatoes, cucumbers, and other tall heavy plants.  You can read my Twine Trial Report, here.


I took this photograph on the 30th August. This picture shows Tomato ‘Honeycomb’, a delicious intensely flavoured cherry tomato and a plum tomato called Tomato ‘Purple Ukraine’.

The smallest gifts are often the best.  Seeds make a fantastic gift, they’re light and easy to post.  The best tasting tomato I grew in my Tomato Trial was a cherry tomato called ‘Honeycomb’, from Burpee.  This sweet and intensely flavoured tomato is an improvement on ‘Sungold’; I’d recommend you try this delicious tasting tomato.  To find out more about the best-tasting tomatoes I’ve grown, click here to read about my Tomato Taste Trial.  Alternatively, click here to see all my Tomato Trials.

Self-Watering Containers

A selection of self-watering containers, including the Quadgrow, the Autopot 4Pot Pro System, and Gardman Plant Towers. I tested these products during my Self-Watering Container Trial.

I’ve been trialling self-watering containers for many years; these innovative planters make it so much easier to grow a fantastic harvest of fruit and vegetables.  Gardeners who use self-watering containers save water and don’t need to water their container-grown plants as often.  Discover the best self-watering containers I’ve trialled in this article.

Peat Free Compost

I use my Compost Trials to showcase great peat-free compost.

Compost is a great gift for a gardener!  Discover the top-performing composts in my Compost Trials, here’s a link.

Share the Love of Gardening!

Why not give your Mum a helping hand in the garden?  If you’re wondering what to do in garden now or on Mother’s Day, I’ve got so many lovely ideas of things you could do.

For gardening advice for February, please click here.

If you’re looking for ideas of some lovely things you could do in your garden or your Mother’s garden from mid-March to mid-April, please click here.

For gardening advice for March, please click here.

Don’t miss my plant pages, where you’ll find advice on how to grow a vast range of plants from houseplants, orchids, and ferns, to roses, sweet peas, trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruit, herbs, annuals and perennials.

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