Grow Mint: Reinvigorate Your Life & Awaken Your Senses!

Grow Mint: Reinvigorate Your Life & Awaken Your Senses!

I adore mint and relish this herb’s energy.  Freshly harvested mint leaves can be used to make enticing cocktails, herbal teas, and an array of delicious savoury and dessert recipes.  Most people are familiar with peppermint or spearmint, but have you tried any other varieties?

A whole world of different flavoured mints is available to those who grow their own plants.  Garden centres and nurseries will soon start selling mints when the plants come into leaf.  I run annual mint trials searching for the best tasting mints; these are the most vibrantly flavoured mints from my trials:

‘Basil’ Mint

Here’s a pot of ‘Basil’ mint I grew in a container of peat-free compost in my garden. Pictured on the 2nd May 2022.

‘Basil mint’ is the least minty mint I know!  The leaves have a savoury flavour that’s reminiscent of basil with a subtle hint of citrus.  It’s very tasty in salads and rice dishes; ‘Basil mint’ imbues a lovely flavour to our homemade broad bean and pea risotto.

Here’s the same ‘Basil’ mint pictured on the 11th June 2022. ‘Basil’ mint has a rich, savoury mint with the distinctive flavour of basil.

‘Lemon’ Mint

‘Lemon mint’ makes a sweet and refreshing mint tea with a definite lemon flavour – it’s a delight!

‘Swiss’ Mint

‘Swiss mint’ has a powerful, intense character.  Nibbling a ‘Swiss mint’ leaf will tantalise your tastebuds with a flavour akin to a spearmint Tic Tac®!   A ‘Swiss mint’ tisane or herbal tea delivers a tamer minty-spearmint flavour; crush mint leaves before adding boiled water for fuller-flavoured infusions.

‘Swiss’ Mint is a mint with a powerful, invigorating and fresh flavour.

‘Moroccan’ Mint

‘Moroccan mint’ creates a gentler tisane that’s fresh and sweet.

‘Moroccan’ mint has a minty flavour with gentle sweetness.

Mint ‘Chocolate Peppermint’

‘Chocolate’ peppermint is another delicious mint. This mint has a distinct chocolate flavour; it’s delicious!

Mint ‘Chocolate Peppermint’ will awaken your senses! ‘Chocolate Peppermint’ makes an absolutely lovely tea; it’s full of peppermint flavour with a definite dark chocolate kick.

‘After Eight’ Mint

I adore ‘After Eight’ mint tea – I add just a few leaves to a cup of boiling water – it’s so refreshing and delicious!

‘After Eight’ mint tea is milder with a warm and welcoming flavour.  It’s not sugary but has a distinctive hint of After Eight Mints!

Here’s a closer look at an ‘After Eight’ mint leaf. I love nibbling on these mint leaves when I am in the garden!

‘Cuban Mojito’ Mint

‘Cuban Mojito’ has a sweet and refreshing flavour. It makes a lovely tisane and is the ideal mint to use in Mojitos or cocktails.

‘Cuban Mojito’ is irresistibly aromatic.  On warm summer evenings this mint’s tantalising fragrance permeates the air, making ‘Cuban Mojito’ a perfect plant to grow around a path or patio.  ‘Cuban Mojito’ is the idea mint for cocktails.  Nibble a leaf and you’ll find ‘Cuban Mojito’ has a mild flavour, yet this mint makes a sweet and gentle, delicious tea.

Mint leaves are gorgeous! This is ‘Cuban Mojito’ mint; it’s a delicious mint with the most aromatic foliage of all the mints I grew last year.

Growing Mint

Mint are easy-to-grow plants, they’re happy growing in a sunny spot but are more shade-tolerant and versatile than other herbs.  Mint can be grown in indoors on a bright windowsill; plants thrive grown outside on a balcony or patio, garden or allotment.

Mint is a vigorous plant, which can become invasive so is best contained in pots to prevent it rampaging across the garden.  I dedicate a planter to a single variety of mint to preserve each mint’s unique flavour.

In December and January, I divide my plants to maintain their vigour.  Use an old bread knife or spade to slice through the roots cutting the plant from top to bottom like a cake into halves or quarters; plant the divisions in containers of peat-free compost.  Dalefoot Wool Potting Compost is my preferred compost for mint, as these plants prefer a moisture-retentive growing medium, but homemade garden compost or another peat-free compost should be fine.

Buying Mint Plants

I purchased my mint plants from Pepperpot Herbs and Norfolk Herbs.  These nurseries raise their plants in peat-free compost and both companies sell plants online.

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One thought on “Grow Mint: Reinvigorate Your Life & Awaken Your Senses!

  1. Lisa G

    June 8, 2023 at 12:17pm

    Thanks for this! I just split/repotted some mint plants with off-shoots going to friends, so this was doubly apprepaciated, as I will share this with the recipents. Also we love Norfolk Herbs – I will be stopping by there soon and want to expand my collection to include basil mint (and Foxtail rosemary, and salvia Cero Potosi, and…)

    • Author

      Pumpkin Beth

      June 8, 2023 at 12:34pm

      Hey Lisa, it’s great to hear from you. If you’re looking for a rosemary, have you tried ginger rosemary? It’s a delight! They sell it at Norfolk Herbs – it’s worth adding to your list. I have a huge list of plants I’d love to buy from Norfolk Herbs, but I’m still saving up for my pond liner! I hope you’re having a great week. Best wishes, Beth

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