Don’t miss the chance to plant bare root plants – they’re more affordable & better for the environment!

At this time of year, as temperatures plummet and frosts highlight winter foliage with sparkles that glisten in the morning sunlight, gardeners are blessed with a seasonal window of opportunity to plant bare root plants.  Be sure to capitalise on this moment, as bare root plants are only available during the winter months  This is a chance to purchase top-quality plants, whilst making a substantial saving on usual retail prices.

In the kitchen, we can turn rose hips into jams, jellies, tea, soups, and oils. Rose hips can be harvested after they ripen and stored in the freezer. Freezing rose hips allows them to soften and become juicier. I think freezing the hips also improves their flavour.

Bare root plants are grown in the ground (not in containers).  The plants are lifted, delivered to customers, and planted in a relatively short period of time whilst the plants are dormant in wintertime.  Bare-root plants are grown in the soil, avoiding the need for growers to purchase or produce compost, making bare root plants naturally peat-free.  These field-grown plants can also be grown plastic-free, as there’s no need for containers.

Rose hips provide food for birds and wildlife in winter. The hips soften after being frozen.
If you’re buying roses, I’d recommend purchasing bare root plants. Plants can be ordered online and delivered whilst the plants are dormant. If you’re not ready to plant roses this winter, plants can be ordered in April (or at any time of year). By ordering early you’ll reserve your plants and avoid disappointment if your favourite variety sells out. Your roses will be reserved, ready to be delivered in winter.

At their nurseries, field-grown plants require far fewer waterings than container-grown plants.  As well as being lighter to post and more environmentally friendly, bare-root plants are also more affordable than container plants.

Here are some bare root plum trees that I planted in my own garden back in 2019. Purchasing bare root trees is a wonderful way to buy plants.

I’m a passionate fan of bare root planting.  I tend to find far better-quality specimens when I purchase bare root plants compared to buying plants grown in containers.  There are so many other advantages too.  This method of growing is better for the environment, and there’s no risk of purchasing a pot-bound plant, when ordering bare root plants.

Last year, I soaked my bare root ‘Peach Melba®’ rose in a bucket of water before planting. There is one ‘Peach Melba®’ rose and three David Austin roses in this bucket.

Bare root plants are grown in fields and lifted whilst the plants are dormant.  The time that bare root plants are available varies somewhat from year to year according to the weather, but plants are usually dormant from late autumn to early spring.  Trees, hedging plants, shrubs, roses, perennials, and fruiting plants can all be purchased bare root.

Plant bare root plants as soon as possible after delivery.  If the weather is snowy or frosty, or your schedule doesn’t allow for planting; bare rooted plants can be kept in a shed or garage for a few days.  Soak the roots in a bucket of water for a couple of hours before planting.

What will you plant?  Why not plant a rose?

‘The Garland’ produces masses of small-sized, very pretty open-centred, semi-double flowers. The powder-pink coloured flower buds fade to ivory as the blooms open.

Rosa ‘The Garland’ is a gorgeous rambling rose that grows up to around 4.5m (15ft) tall.  This once-flowering rose requires no deadheading.  The masses of open-centred, highly perfumed, palest-powder-pink flowers turn snow-white after opening and are followed by orange-red coloured rose hips in autumn and wintertime.  Rosa ‘The Garland’ flourished for me planted in sandy soil, against a North-facing wall at my old garden.

If you’re wondering what the scent of ‘The Garland’ rose is like, I can tell you that this rose has a powerful fragrance that’s very fruity – it’s gorgeous! I really enjoy this rose’s perfume.
‘The Garland’ roses bloom from the start of June until sometime in July. This rambling rose grows up to 4.5m (15ft) tall and is an ideal choice of rose to cover a house wall or grow over a large arbour.
Here’s another view of some of the rose hips on ‘The Garland’ rambling rose at my old house. Pictured on the 10th December 2022.
In my old garden I found my ‘The Garland’ rose was popular with bees and hoverflies.

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