Hip Hip Hooray: my Vanda nana is in bloom today!

I relish any plants that flower at Christmas time.  I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas so far and I wish you a very merry Christmas for tomorrow.  Today, on Christmas eve, I’m enjoying this Vanda nana plant’s first flowering.  I purchased this sweet little miniature orchid from Spicesotic Plants in 2022.

NB: I meant to take of the sprinkling of moss that’s attached itself to my Vanda nana‘s plastic mount, but I totally forgot and instead took the orchid out of my Tall Orchidarium, took some pictures for you, and then put the plant back inside its enclosure!  This orchid doesn’t want to be covered in moss, whilst it’s growing inside my Tall Orchidarium where the plants enjoy regular misting, using rainwater.  Here are some pictures of my Vanda nana plant……

I bought this Vanda nana plant in 2023. This is the first time my plant has flowered.
Vanda nana flowers are very pretty indeed with just the faintest hint of pink reflected on the sepals and petals, a mauve coloured lip, and a brownish anther cap.
Vanda nana flowers are often described as scented but I’ve not been able to detect any scent from the tiny blooms my plant has produced. When my plant next flowers I will examine the blooms and let you know if I discover any perfume.
Earlier this week, there were another two other flowers on this flower spike, but they have faded now.
Here’s a side view of an individual Vanda nana flower with a clearer view of the flower’s nectary.
I am not certain of this, but I believe that Vanda nana blooms are pollinated by moths.
Vanda nana flowers display an attractive sheen with the faint hint of sparkle when viewed close up in the sunlight.
Vanda nana plants like to be misted with rainwater. These plants thrive when their roots are allowed to dry out a little between waterings – they don’t wish to be soaking wet all the time.
Vanda nana pictured in bloom on the 24th December 2023.

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One thought on “Hip Hip Hooray: my Vanda nana is in bloom today!

  1. Emma

    December 24, 2023 at 12:29pm

    Thank you for those lovely pictures ! How precious and delicate are these flowers !
    It’s a beautiful gift at this (dark, cold, damp) time of year.
    Wishing you happy holidays too 🙂
    Emma from Germany

    • Author

      Pumpkin Beth

      December 24, 2023 at 3:28pm

      Hello Emma, it’s great to hear from you! Vanda nana is a dear little orchid; it’s wonderful to be able to share my pictures with you. Wishing you happy holidays and a very merry Christmas. Best wishes, Beth

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