Garden Organic: For Peat’s Sake – Peat Free Growing – self-guided learning course

Date: Saturday 1 October 2022

We know that many growers are keen to eliminate peat from their gardens, allotments, and balconies, but have struggled to make the switch. Peat-free composts have a variety of different ingredients including wood fibres and coir. These ingredients behave differently to peat, which means growers may need to slightly alter the way they feed and water their plants.

To help growers understand the differences between peat-based and peat-free compost, and make the switch successfully, Garden Organic are offering a free online self-guided learning course compiled by their experts. This course will cover:

  • The impact of peat extraction on the environment
  • The results of our recent research into people’s use of peat and alternatives
  • How peat-free composts are made
  • How to get the most out of peat-free composts
  • How to make your own peat-free potting mixes

Simply follow our step-by-step course covering all of the above information through videos, information, and short quizzes. You can access and start Garden Organic’s self-guided courses at any time. Each course takes approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete in total and is divided into multiple short modules allowing the opportunity to pause, return and complete the programme at your own pace.

For all the details and to book your course, please click here.

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