Wildlife Trusts Online Talk: The Secret World of the Undergrowth with John Walters

Date: Friday 11 February 2022

Friday 11th February 2022 from 7.30pm until 10pm.

This presentation will introduce you to the wildlife that inhabits the undergrowth all around us. John will be sharing his knowledge, photographs and artwork to help us to appreciate this crucial habitat more.

John Walters is an artist, photographer and ecologist. He has written and illustrated several publications, including ‘The Wildlife of Dartmoor’, ‘The Minibeast Guide’ and ‘The Rockpool Guide’. His illustrations and photographs have appeared in a wide range of publications. In 2017 he was awarded the H.H. Bloomer Award by the Linnean Society. John carries out a range of ecological work and surveys a range of wildlife. He specialises in the identification of ground beetles, oil beatles and the heath potter wasp. John has worked as a consulatant entomologist and naturalist on many television and radio programmes.  For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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