Avon Wildlife Trust’s Online Course: Intro to Bird Song- 3 Session Course

Date: Tuesday 12 April 2022

Recognising birds by their songs is a skill so many wish they had, yet feel is out of reach – we don’t agree, and neither do the previous students on this popular course! This three-part online course will develop your techniques for recognising and remembering bird sounds and calls through a series of fun interactive exercises and challenges. From robins to wrens, blackbirds to blackcaps, Each session builds on the last, covering a new selection of birds and deepening your understanding of how features such as pitch, rhythm, timbre and repetition can help you distinguish between similar-sounding species.  Equip you with the best methods for processing & learning bird sounds and learn to identify 40 of the most common UK & garden birds by both song and call.

The tutor will be running sessions on the following dates, from 7pm- 8:15pm BST:

1st session – Tuesday 29th March 2022

2nd session- Tuesday 3rd April 2022

3rd session- Tuesday 12th April 2022

For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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