Oxford Botanic Garden Online Talk Series: How Can Botanic Gardens Save Humanity? with Richard Deverell

Date: Thursday 3 February 2022

At 7pm on Thursday 3rd February 2022, Kew Gardens’ Director, Richard Deverell will be giving an online talk for the Oxford Botanic Garden’s Online Talk Series. We stand face two great challenges of the 21st century: the extinction crisis and the climate crisis. These will bring huge implications for every country and society on earth. No one will be unaffected. Understanding, protecting and restoring nature is at the heart of long-term solutions to each.Why should we care about nature and what can we do to ensure it thrives, alongside humanity, in the 21st century? What role can botanic gardens play in developing and delivering solutions here in the UK and around the world? Examples will include discovering climate-resilient crops, using evidence to protect areas of outstanding natural diversity, inspiring the public to care about nature and training the next generation of scientists and horticulturists with essential skills. Richard will argue that botanic gardens – these beautiful, diverse and historic organisations – have a vital role in helping humanity, and all life on earth, not just to survive these global challenges, but to thrive. Botany is the science that will save humanity.  For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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