The Gardens Trust Online Talk: Gardens of Delight – Aladdin-like gorgeousness: Hispano Moorish gardens of Southern Spain with Katie Campbell

Date: Tuesday 15 March 2022

Tuesday 15th March 2022 from 10am until 11.30am GMTAladdin-like gorgeousness: Hispano Moorish gardens of Southern Spain

After the Muslims conquered Persia and established their centre at Damascus, domestic infighting led Abd al Rachmann, the only survivor of the original Umayyad dynasty, to flee to North Africa, raise an army, conquer Southern Spain and establish himself in Cordoba. As the benign Mediterranean climate allowed the cultivation of exotic imports, to enhance the wide variety of indigenous plants, he followed the Persian custom and created magnificent royal gardens bursting with rare flowers and luscious fruit. He also encouraged investment in agriculture, promoted the study of botany and medicine, and created a civilization of unparalleled elegance in the arts, architecture and horticulture. The ensuing tradition of verdant courtyards, fertile orchards and splendid gardens continued down the centuries, culminating in the Alhambra. Ironically, this was the last outpost of the Moors on European soil. An enduring source of intrigue, romance and delight, the Hispano-Moorish gardens have fascinated writers and artists inspiring such twentieth century designers as Thomas Church, Luis Barragan, Russel Page and Fernando Caruncho.

Katie Campbell is a writer and garden historian. She lectures widely, has taught at Birkbeck, Bristol and Buckingham universities; she writes for various publications and leads art and garden tours.

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