The Gardens Trust Online Talk: Gardens of Delight – A Teardrop on the Face of Time

Date: Tuesday 1 March 2022

Tuesday 1st March 2022 from 10am until 11.30am GMT.

The Persian Garden sits at the heart of the western horticultural tradition. Though its origins lie in the arid steppes of modern-day Iran, the Islamic conquerors of the sixth century added the spiritual dimension to the Persian prototype. Today its combination of exquisite beauty, sensory delight and spiritual consolation shape the Christian concept of Eden and the Islamic idea of Paradise. Through the centuries, as Islam spread from India, across North Africa, to Southern Europe, the Persian garden absorbed local horticultural traditions, evolving and adapting to accommodate different cultures and environments. Its inventive techniques enabled the greening of the desert, the creation of splendid gardens and the establishing of lush, productive orchards in the most inhospitable settings. From desert oases to dense urban settlements, from mosques, madrassas and royal palaces to intimate private courtyards, the Persian garden has provided an image of heaven on earth – reflecting the Islamic idea that our secular realm is a pale reflection of the celestial delights to come. Whether providing a simple refuge from harsh surroundings, a magnificent pleasure ground or a spiritual retreat, the modest materials and formal geometries of the Persian garden have informed our grandest gardens and inspired our most avant-garde designers. Gardens of Delight will explore the evolution, and legacy, of the Persian garden. While featuring the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra, the garden city of Isfahan and Morocco’s famous Agdal, it will also look at lesser-known gardens, and examine the legacy of the Persian tradition in the work of modern designers.

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