Guardian Masterclass: Learn to grow sustainably: A workshop with Jack Wallington

Date: Tuesday 22 February 2022

Tuesday 22nd February 2022 from 6.30pm until 9pm GMT.

What does it mean to grow sustainably? Surely all green endeavours are, to some extent, beneficial to the planet? In fact, how, what and where you plant can make a huge difference to the local ecosystem, but it can be understandably difficult to know where to source your information and get started.

If you have a space of your own – be that a windowsill, an urban balcony, an allotment or a rural garden – this masterclass with Jack Wallington, horticulturist, landscape designer and author of Wild About Weeds, will demystify sustainable gardening. With an emphasis on regenerative growing, you will learn the dos and don’ts of growing your plants, how to become attuned with unique natural habitats, and how you can structure your green space for ecosystems.

You will also be privy to habitats you can create yourself – including edible forest gardens – and will be encouraged to turn your attention to your local environment. Whether sustainability is something you care deeply about, or is a concept that is still new to you, this masterclass will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to get stuck into nature.

Course content

Jack’s gardening journey – from urban small-space gardening and a city allotment, to regenerative smallholding
Regenerative growing – beyond organic
The dos and don’ts of greener gardening
The practicalities of gardening, from choosing the right composts and reducing plastic, to how to make your own fertilisers and the pros and cons of power tools
Understanding natural habitats
The core components of plant communities
Structuring a garden for ecosystems
This course is for…

Anyone with a garden or green space who wants to learn more about the practice and how to make sustainable decisions

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