Brave Starts Online Talk: Working at the Wildlife Trusts

Date: Thursday 24 February 2022

Thursday 24th February 2022 from 3pm until 4pm GMT.

Discover what it’s like working at the Wildlife Trusts – with Steve Davis, Head of HR at Dorset Wildlife Trust
Steve Davis is Head of HR at Dorset Wildlife Trust, one of 47 independent Trusts that form the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.

‍What will the session cover?

We’ve noticed many people in our community get increasingly concerned about their environment. Many are motivated to get involved in both a volunteering and paid role capacity. The wildlife Trusts is one of the largest organisations in the UK focused on the environment and the natural habitat for wildlife. David is a really passionate employee who loves what he does and, in this session, he’ll cover:

Life as a volunteer for the Trusts
Typical routes into work with the Wildlife Trusts
The key roles both as volunteers and as employees: what the roles are, what they cover as well
What the Trusts looks for in its volunteers and employees
An overview of the organisation, as well as an idea of their priorities for the future.

Who is this session aimed at?

We’d love as many of our members who have ever thought about working to either support the environment or our natural habitat to come along. Not only will you get to learn more about one of our largest charities in the UK, you’ll also get to meet each other. We’ll offer the chance for you to connect together after the programme so you can all support your own ideas and thoughts about how you support and gain greater exposure to roles connected with being environmentally responsible. Come and meet your ‘tribe’!

About Steve

Steve Davis is Head of HR and Volunteering at Dorset Wildlife Trust but, as the Wildlife Trusts is a series of independent charities, in this capacity, he is also representing the entirety of the organisation. His role encompasses all areas of HR management as well as managing the volunteering programme. As a member of the Senior Management team, he has good oversight across the entire organisation.

Steve is a career changer: he started life in the Royal Corps of Signals in which he served for 23 years. After his military service, he progressed into the Charity sector and, after starting out life himself as a volunteer, he’s progressed into paid work taking on increasing levels of responsibility. His interests away from work include wildlife photography and running.  For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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