The Gardens Trust Online Event – The Rose Series – Hinton Ampner’s Exceptional Garden & its Roses with John Wood

Date: Monday 23 May 2022

Monday 23rd May 2022 at 6pm until 7.30pm BST.

As the roses in our gardens start to come into bloom the Gardens Trust is delighted to announce a new lecture series in partnership with the Historic Roses Group.

Historic roses are timeless and beautiful old roses from past centuries continue to deserve a place in today’s gardens. With their classic ‘old-fashioned’ charm and graceful forms, the soft petals and delicate colours of old roses are often accompanied by a deliciously rich and powerful fragrance. Moreover, old roses contain the original gene pool from which all later roses have been bred. They are supremely rewarding to grow, fascinating to study and they need to be conserved.

These lectures cover not only the history and significance of the rose, but the story of three gardens where they are the star attractions. Our lecturers are all great rosarians – whether as authors, growers or head gardeners and although unfortunately zoom doesn’t allow us to inhale the fragrance of roses these talks will be a feast for the eyes and a fount of rose-related information.

Week 4. 23rd May: Hinton Ampner’s exceptional garden and its roses with John Wood

Hinton Ampner is a National Trust property with a 14-acre garden set amid the rolling Hampshire countryside. The garden has an exceptional framework with wonderful vistas complemented by topiary and a great variety of plants including dahlias, roses and salvias, as well as woodland areas. Roses are grown at Hinton Ampner in many varied locations and styles: in formal beds, long borders, mixed with other plants or trained on walls, and clambering high into trees. In his talk John Wood, head gardener, will cover how he deals with restoring rose borders and what to consider when planting your roses. He will share some of his favourite roses and talk about the situations in which he uses them.

This lecture is fourth in a series of five online lectures, £5 each or all 5 for £20.  For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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