IPCC Online Event: Choosing Peat-Free in Your Garden

Date: Friday 22 April 2022

On Friday 22nd April 2022, from 7pm until 8pm BST are holding an Online Event to help gardeners make their own peat-free compost.  The event is called: Choosing Peat-Free in Your Garden.  Peatlands develop over thousands of years and are Ireland’s last true wilderness. They are home to unique plants and animals such as the Sundew, an insect eating plant.  Peat moss is derived from the bog and is used within the horticultural industry to grow plants due to its ability to hold water and it lacks nutrients.  Draining peatlands for peat moss has huge impact on the habitat and wildlife that live in peatlands.  We can help to protect and conserve peatlands in Ireland by choosing peat-free composts in our gardens. Or better yet, you can make your very own peat-free compost. Join IPCC to learn all about peatlands, their link with climate, biodiversity and how to garden sustainably by making peat-free compost.

This is an online event. You may need to log into eventbrite or a gmail account to access the link. If you have any issues, email us at bogs@ipcc.ie.  For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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