London Square Open Garden Weekend: Southwark Cathedral Deanery

Date: Saturday 11 June 2022

On Saturday 11th June 2022, Southwark Cathedral Deanery will be opening from 10am until 5pm for the London Square Open Garden Weekend.  Potted herbs will be for sale.  This secret riverside garden, just beside the Globe Theatre, belongs to the Dean of Southwark’s private residence and dates back to 1712. Hidden away from neighbouring bustling tourist areas, it has become a tranquil wildlife haven. The Deanery garden has been planted with mature shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants and is tended by the cathedral’s gardener. Access to this small garden is via historic Cardinal Cap Alley, which is very narrow. Visitor numbers may have to be restricted at busy times.  Entrance is via the very narrow Cardinal Cap Alley, behind 51 Bankside, near Tate Modern, Nearest postcode: SE1 9JE.  For more information, please click here.

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