RSK Webinar: Managing Uncertainty in Groundwater Risk Assessment

Date: Tuesday 13 September 2022

On Tuesday 13th September 2022, Mel Lyons, Technical Lead for Hydrogeology at RSK Geosciences, will give this webinar on Managing Uncertainty in Groundwater Risk Assessment from 12:30–13:15 BST. Mel Lyons will illustrate, through a series of case studies, how good quality data are fundamental to the understanding of aquifer characteristics and the generation of a realistic model of groundwater plume migration and assessment of risk. This will include a conceptual understanding of the water body and its connectivity with surrounding water bodies and features, examining in detail water quality parameters (e.g., redox, pH) and how they may affect contaminant migration
conducting suitable in-situ hydraulic conductivity testing to accurately reflect aquifer characteristics, and reviewing the resource potential and how that may affect remediation options. This is a free event; to book your place, please click here.

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