Orchid Society of Great Britain Visit to The Mathers Foundation & Zoom Talk

Date: Saturday 11 February 2023

On Saturday 11th February 2023 at 10am for in-person visitors and 11am GMT for Zoom attendees, The Orchid Society of Great Britain are planning to visit The Mathers Foundation and host a Zoom meeting for OSGB members from this exciting venue! This exclusive event has been organised especially for the Orchid Society of Great Britain to offer OSGB members an opportunity to see the Mathers Foundation’s orchid collection in person and via Zoom. The tour itself will be broadcast on Zoom at 11am. The format of the morning will be: 10am Arrival for in-person attendees with refreshments and the opportunity to take photographs. 11am Guided Tour by Jim Durrant and David Mathers in-person and on Zoom. 11.30am Questions from audience and visitors. Members will enjoy a guided tour of the glasshouses which house over 4,000 cool growing orchids from around the world. During the tour, you will: Explore the different areas of the site including the Oncidium, Miltoniopsis, Cymbidium, and Pleione houses with with ample opportunities to take photographs. Discover the wonderful variety of species and hybrids within the National Collection of Oncidiums and hear about how they are cultivated. Delve into the fascinating history of some of the older hybrids, whilst hearing about the way new hybrids are being made. Observe the state of the art greenhouse technology and learn about how this enables the collection to thrive. Located in Pulborough, West Sussex, The Mathers Foundation was established in 2019 to preserve and develop substantial collections of orchid species and hybrids, supporting both ex-situ and in-situ conservation. It currently holds the National Plant Collection of Oncidiums with over 1,000 different species and hybrids, together with Ian Butterfields’ unique Pleione collection. The Mathers Foundation is a not-for-profit charity and all tour proceeds are reinvested to support the collection. Any additional donations towards the sponsorship of La Reserva Orquídeas, an orchid reserve and wildlife refuge in Colombia would be very welcome. Parking is available on site and details of how to reach the nursery will be forwarded in good time to those with tickets. Due to the nature of this event being a Zoom tour tickets for in-person visitors are limited to 10 people and entrance is by ticket holders only – so book your place now! The event will be filmed and photographs may also be taken which may be used for marketing. If you prefer not to be included in the filming please let us know. This event is exclusively for Orchid Society of Great Britain members; to become a member of the Orchid Society of Great Britain, please click here.  To find out more information and (if you’re an OSGB member) book your place on this in-person visit, please click here.

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