KMIS In-Person & Zoom Lecture: Dr. Aisyah Faruk: The MSB: coordinating conservation across continents

Date: Monday 5 December 2022

Monday 5th December 2022 from 18.00 to 19.30 GMT Dr Aisyah Faruk: The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership-Coordinating conservation across continents. Dr Aisyah Faruk works as a Conservation Partnership Coordinator for the Millennium Seed Bank partnership. Her reginal focus is on Europe and Oceania but is also involved in other projects all around the globe in places such as Uganda, the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. The main interests of Dr Aisyah Faruk would be related to sustainable use of wild edible crops and ex situ conservation of plants. Before Kew, she started her career as a herpetologist where she conducted her PhD research on the impacts of oil palm agriculture on amphibians in South East Asia. From this she spent time in the oil palm industry working closely with small holders to try and gain sustainable certification and enhance the biodiversity. As well as working at Kew Dr Aisyah Faruk is the chair for the European Native Seed Conservation Network. Join Dr Aisyah Faruk’s lecture where she explains the effects of climate change and rapid biodiversity loss, alongside the fragility of food security is now dominating headlines and is being felt globally. Sitting quietly in the south of England is a potential solution; the Millennium Seed Bank, the largest seed bank for wild plant species. This lecture will take you through the history and importance of the Millennium Seed Bank, its global partnership and highlight case studies where we try and tackle the challenges faced right now. For more information and to book your place, please click here.

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