KMIS In-Person & Zoom Lecture: Ecological Horticulture in N.E USA by Hattie Moore / The Hidden Flora of the Caucasus by Timothy Shaw

Date: Monday 23 January 2023

Monday 23rd January 2023 from 18.00 to 19.00 GMT Live Location: Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre, Jodrell Gate, Kew Gardens, Richmond TW9 3DS. Hattie Moore – Ecologically Driven Horticulture in the Northeast of the USA With a masters in Sculpture at the Slade, Hattie began her foray into horticulture through making art about gardens and plants. She aptly decided to change careers through working as a maintenance gardening around London which led to an apprenticeship at Fulham palace. Hattie is now a third-year diploma student. Join Hattie as she travels through the Northeast of USA to look at ecologically driven horticulture. During her trip she experiences working in Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Mt. Cuba Centre in Delaware and the Marshouse, the garden of ecological designer Edwin von Gal.

Timothy Shaw: The Hidden Flora of the Caucasus: Does Georgia hold the key to the future tree species selection for the changing European climate? Timothy Shaw is a third-year student on the Kew Diploma, prior to this he completed the two-year Kew apprenticeship. He has a passion for all things plant related and specifically has interests in the management of temperate trees in Arboreta and Botanic gardens. Tim’s Lecture will summarize his travel scholarship to Tbilisi Botanic Garden in Georgia where he spent ten days working alongside their horticulturists and scientific teams. With climate change beginning to affect the growing conditions for our European native trees, should we seek to find plants more suitable to these changes? Tim Shaw will aim to highlight notable trees and shrubs native to the Caucasus that may be suitable to grow in ex situ environments such as RBG Kew. For all the details and to book your place, please click here.

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