Orchid Society of Great Britain Members’ Visit to the Eric Young Orchid Foundation in Jersey

Date: Sunday 23 April 2023

The OSGB has organised a trip to the Eric Young Orchid Foundation (EYOF) with a private tour by the curator, Chris Purver, on Sunday 23 April 2023 at 10am at the Eric Young Foundation, Moulin de Ponterrin Street, Victoria Village, Trinity, JE3 5HH, Jersey.

The EYOF is one of the great orchid collections in the world. Its collections of Cymbidium, Phragmipedium, Odontoglossum (now Oncidium) and Miltoniopsis are unrivalled anywhere, and it’s not just a display collection but a breeding collection whose plants have won more AMs, FCCs and Gold Medals than any other grower since the RHS was founded. The numerous greenhouses, with immaculate plants in tiered rows are a sight to be seen, and April will be the height of the season, with specimen plants, new hybrids and old ones in flower. Here you can learn from Chris Purver about their cultural conditions, feeding regimes, and breeding ambitions. The landscaped display house is always changing, but whether it is standard cymbidiums, or mock hillsides of Phragmipedium besseae and its hybrids, cliffs of Cattleya, jungle trees laden with Encyclia, Restrepia and other epiphytes, or ‘houseplants’ of Monstera draped with Bomarea, luxuriating in the wonderful ambience, there is always a magical display inducing astonishment and awe.

This visit is for Orchid Society of Great Britain members only – click here to visit the Orchid Society of Great Britain’s website and join as a member. OSGB members can sign up now for this exclusive tour by contacting Michael Radley (radleymichael@yahoo.co.uk) places are limited. You will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation (it’s possible to make it a day trip, providing flights are not delayed). Flights to Jersey are available with easyJet from Gatwick, Luton and Manchester, and British Airways from Heathrow. Let Michael know what your final arrangements are so that members with similar plans can link up to share taxis etc.

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