Orchid Training Day with Leif Bersweden

Date: Thursday 8 June 2023

On Thursday 8th June 2023 from 10am until 3pm at Martin Down National Nature Reserve, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 5RQ. This course is part of the Nurturing Nature project, which aims to train local volunteers in wildlife surveying skills that will be put into use within Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in southern England. Nurturing Nature is a Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership Scheme project. This course is open to prospective volunteers who upon completion of the course will spend time joining the Nurturing Nature team for on-site wildlife surveys, which will take place in the Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership Area (Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire). Join Leif Bersweden, author of The Orchid Hunter and Where the Wildflowers Grow, for a day of orchid hunting on Martin Down National Nature Reserve, a spectacular species-rich chalk grassland in Wiltshire. Many of our chalk-loving native orchids hit their peak in early June, so this is the perfect opportunity to meet our country’s most charismatic plants and learn about their ecology, conservation and habitat management. During the day attendees will learn how to recognise sites with good potential for orchids, as well as how to identify species like Chalk Fragrant Orchid and Greater Butterfly Orchid, and rarer species like Burnt Orchid. This training course is part of the Nurturing Nature project, one of 20 projects which form part of the Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme. The training aims to increase awareness of key species in Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and train and upskill more people to carry out surveys across this beautiful landscape. Once you have completed the training you will then be given the opportunity to join the team in-person to put your new knowledge to the test and practice your new skills by helping them carry out wildlife surveys. These training courses and follow-up volunteering opportunities will be managed through the Chase & Chalke Volunteer Hub. For more information and to book your place, please click here.

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