Answers to Any Questions You May Have….

Answers to any questions you may have…….

How can I book Beth to write an article for me?

I am a Freelance Horticulturist and Garden Writer.  If you would like me to write a paid article for your publication, please contact me.

Where can I purchase Beth Otway’s photographs?

Please contact me if you would like to use or purchase any of my photographs.

Do you have any affiliate links from your blog?

No, there are no affiliate links anywhere on

Do you make any money if a customer buys a product you recommend?

No, I won’t receive anything, regardless of however many of my readers buy products I’ve written about.

Who pays you to write your articles and posts for

No one pays me – I’ve not received any payments for any of my writing for my website.  The only money I’ve received for my writing on comes from my Buy Me a Coffee page.  I am a freelance writer and write paid articles for other publications.  Please contact me if you would like me to write for you.

Who pays for your website, its hosting and running costs?

I pay for all of the costs associated with

Who pays you for the hours you put into your Compost Trials & other Trials?  

My Compost Trials are self-funded.  I receive no reimbursement for any of the time or energy I dedicate to working on my Compost Trials and other Trials.

Who pays for the containers and the other products you use for your Compost Trials?  

I’ve bought all of the containers I use for my Compost Trials myself.  I’ve paid for all of the seeds I’ve used in my Compost Trials, with the exception of my 2021 Compost Trial: Growing Broad Beans – the seeds for this Trial were given to me by Suttons Seeds.

Who pays for the compost used in your Compost Trials?

I have paid for composts to use in my Compost Trials from these companies: Bord na Móna, B&Q, Carbon Gold, Fertile Fibre, Gardman, Happy Compost, Melcourt SylvaGrow, Miracle-Gro, New Horizon, Westland, Wickes, Woodland, and Wyevale.

I’ve received donated compost for my Compost Trials from: Carbon Gold, Dalefoot Composts, Melcourt SylvaGrow, Happy Compost,.

Sometimes, when a company gives me some of their compost I will also buy bags of the brand’s compost to try.

I really appreciate it when a company donates compost.  If a company offers to donate compost to me, it means that their brand of compost will usually feature in my Trials, but giving me products will have no bearing or reflection of how well any product will perform in my Trials or what I will write about a particular product..


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