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I love maidenhair ferns, I really wanted to include an Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ specimen, to see how this fern faired inside the BiOrbAir terrarium. You can see more photographs and see how my Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ is growing in the first part of my BiOrbAir review.  This link will take you straight to the trial … Continue Reading →

This Adiantum is a species of miniature fern, which originates from Colombia, where it grows terrestrially, in the soil, and also as an epiphyte, on the branches of trees. This miniature fern grows well in diffused light, in temperatures from 15 – 25C.  This fern is a great choice for a terrarium, as its diminutive size … Continue Reading →

This Arnemia fern species is an attractive, finely feathered fern, which requires high humidity and warm temperatures to grow well.  This fern is ideally planted inside a terrarium, where the humidity remains constantly between 70-90% RH.  This plant’s preferred temperature range is from 22C to 28C.

Asparagus, also known by its botanical name of Asparagus officinalis, is an amazingly delicious vegetable, which is made even more appetising when you eat the spears the same day they are harvested.  The sooner you eat asparagus spears, the sweeter they taste.  Freshly harvested asparagus spears have a familiarly sweet quality, it’s rather like the … Continue Reading →

Asparagus setaceus is such a delicate and attractive fern.  I know that some folk find Asparagus setaceus tricky to grow, so I was keen to include this Asparagus setaceus specimen in the BiOrbAir to see how well it grew.  I positioned the Asparagus setaceus specimen at the back of my planting, hoping it would grow well inside this terrarium and … Continue Reading →

Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’ (PBR) is a fantastic fern to include inside a terrarium.  As the new fronds of Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’ (PBR) grow and begin to age, the fronds develop the wavy character and habit that this fern is known for. Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’ (PBR) is sometimes known by its common name of … Continue Reading →

Asplenium x ebenoides is an attractive, evergreen fern which has an upright growth habit.  Asplenium x ebenoides is commonly referred to as the Dragon’s Tail Fern, as the tip of each frond resembles that of a mythical dragon.  This naturally occurring fern hybrid hails from Alabama, and other regions in the United States of America. Asplenium x ebenoides favours … Continue Reading →

This Athyrium species is a small sized, terrestrial fern that’s endemic to Madagascar and Africa.  This fern enjoys humid conditions and grows to about 15cm in height.

In 2008 Tim Penrose selected Blechnum brasiliense ‘Eruption’ from a batch of over 500 spore raised plants, its eye catching foliage, which is bright red as it unfurls in early spring, made this fern really stand out from the other ferns.

Doryopteris cordata is an unusual, small tropical, tender fern that is ideally suited to growing in terrariums or bottle gardens.  Doryopteris cordata produces lobed fronds at the base of the plant which form a mound, the fertile fronds are much more ‘fern like’, these stand 15cm or so above the plant.  Doryopteris cordata has the common name … Continue Reading →

Hemionitis arifolia is a rather glorious species of miniature fern which produces deep green, heart shaped fronds held on very dark coloured, thin stems. Hemionitis arifolia flourishes in filtered light, in humid conditions.  This is a tender fern, that grows both epiphytically – on other plants, and terrestrially – in the soil. Hemionitis arifolia grows to around 15cm … Continue Reading →

Humata heterophylla is a tender, epiphytic fern.  This delightful fern grows wonderfully well when mounted onto cork bark.  Humata heterophylla is a low growing, creeping, epiphytic fern species, it grows and works well in terrariums, vivariums, and orchidariums, where it can rather beautifully cover the background and grow up and over any cork or background material. … Continue Reading →

Humata repens is a species of fern which originates from Indochina, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Humata repens is a dear little plant which grows to 8cm (3 inches) tall, there’s room for this fern in almost any terrarium!

Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Marisa’ is a fabulous little fern, which makes a great terrarium, bottle garden, or vivarium plant. Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Marisa’ can also be grown as a beautiful container plant, or planted in a hanging basket, just take care to ensure that you grow this diminutive little fern in a warm, humid environment – such as … Continue Reading →

Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Fluffy Ruffles’, is also known by its common name of Sword fern.  This fern produces delicate, intricately shaped fronds in a lovely fresh green colour. This Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ specimen is growing inside my BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can see more photographs, and discover out how this Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ specimen is growing in … Continue Reading →

This fern, a species of Nephrolepis, was very kindly given to me by a friend.  This Nephrolepis fern is epiphytic and terrestrial – it will grow well if mounted on cork or other bark, and will also grow well in planted in moist, well drained terrarium compost.  I have found that this particular Nephrolepis fern … Continue Reading →

Pellaea rotundifolia is a dark green coloured, evergreen fern that enjoys bright, filtered light, and consistent moist conditions – it’s an ideal plant for a closed terrarium. Pellaea rotundifolia’s common name is button fern, due to its rather lovely, dark green leaflets which form an almost rounded, button shape. Pellaea rotundifolia is endemic to New Zealand.  Pellaea … Continue Reading →

Polystichum tsussimense is a pretty fern, it’s an ideal choice to plant inside a terrarium or bottle garden – this fern thrives in high humidity and low light levels. Polystichum tsussimense grows to about the right height for most terrariums or bottle gardens, meaning that you don’t have to repeatedly keep looking for larger terrariums to re-planting … Continue Reading →

Pteris ensiformis ‘Evergemiensis’ is a variegated fern that is also known by its common name of Silver Lace fern. This Pteris ensiformis ‘Evergemiensis’ specimen is growing inside my BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can see more photographs and discover how well this fern is growing in the second part of my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  This link … Continue Reading →

Pyrrosia serpens is an epiphytic fern, which sometimes grows as a terrestrial.  Pyrrosia serpens originates from New Zealand; this fern flourishes in warm temperatures, from 20C to 26C, although my fern is growing OK in a temperature range from 16C to 21C. Pyrrosia serpens requires a very humid environment, it thrives when grown inside a … Continue Reading →

This miniature, evergreen Rumohra fern species originates from the Galapagos Islands and New Zealand. This species of Rumohra thrives when grown in a very humid environment, from 70-90% RH, with temperatures from 18C to 25C, under diffused, filtered light.  This attractive fern grows from 10-15cm (4-6″) tall, making it an ideal fern for a terrarium.