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Apples, also known by their botanical name of Malus domestica, are a group of deciduous fruit trees, which originate from Asia and have been cultivated for a great many years. In the UK, apples are commonly divided into two groups: culinary or cooking apples and dessert apples.  Other countries do not group, or consider apples … Continue Reading →

Figs, also known by their botanical name of Ficus carica, are wonderfully beautiful shrubs or trees, that produce delicious, parthenocarpic fruits in summer and early autumn.  In the UK, figs grown outdoors produce one crop of figs a year, but when the same fig plant is grown in warmer climates it can crop at least … Continue Reading →

Gooseberries, also known by their botanical name of Ribes uva-crispa, are an easily grown, deciduous, thorny shrub that produces delicious tasting berries from June to August.  The harvest time depending on the particular gooseberry cultivar being grown, the planting location, and the growing season. Gooseberry bushes can vary in the size they grow to, the … Continue Reading →

In his early forties, Hajime Matsunaga, a Japanese plant breeder, started a breeding programme to breed a dwarf mulberry.  Mr Matsunaga’s dream was realised at 89 years of age, when he grew Morus rotundiloba ‘Charlotte Russe’ (‘Matsunaga’). Mulberry ‘Charlotte Russe’ differs from other mulberries – this is a truly dwarf form of mulberry, which can be … Continue Reading →

Raspberries, also known by their botanical name of Rubus idaeus, are easy to grow shrubby plants, that produce delicious berries, which can be varying shades of red, pink, purple, dark purple that’s almost black, yellow, orange, peach, or white.  The raspberries in the photograph that accompanies this text are still growing, and have yet to … Continue Reading →

Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’™, also known by its botanical name of Rubus idaeus ‘Raspberry Beauty’ is a dwarf, multi-branching, thornless form of summer fruiting raspberry, bred in New Zealand.  This compact, dwarf raspberry grows to only 1m in height, making this an ideal raspberry to grow in a large container.  The multi branching floricanes of Raspberry ‘Ruby … Continue Reading →

Redcurrants or Ribes rubrum, as is their botanical name, are easy to grow shrubs, which produce delicious edible fruits that ripen during the summer.  The time of ripening depends on the redcurrant cultivar you choose to grow, as well as the location that you choose to plant your redcurrant plant. Redcurrants can be grown as … Continue Reading →

Strawberries, also known by their botanical name of Fragaria x ananassa, are delicious, easy to grow fruits. Alpine strawberries, known botanically as Fragaria vesca, are small plants, which produce tiny, but delicious, often intensely flavoured fruits.  Alpine strawberries are the most shade tolerant of all strawberries, they grow well in shade, fruiting intermittently, from May … Continue Reading →

Strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’, also known by its botanical name of Fragaria x ananassa – Strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’ (‘Tmstr14pnk’) is the culmination of eight years of breeding work, with flavour as the top quality, or priority, that they were breeding for.  Thompson & Morgan’s breeder Charles Valin crossed together the strawberries he felt were the … Continue Reading →

Tomatoes, also known by their botanical name of Solanum lycopersium, are an easy to grow, delicious crop.  Tomatoes are a member of the Solanaceae family, they are related to potatoes and deadly nightshade. Tomato plants are tender – frost kills these plants.  In the UK, tomato seeds are usually sown in pots and started off … Continue Reading →