Pinguicula are a very interesting genus of  carnivorous plants, they are often known by their common name – Butterworts.  There are a great many species of Pinguicula; wild plants can be found growing a wide range of locations including across America, Europe, and Asia.

Inside my Orchidarium, I have planted two specimens of the Pinguicula hybrid that you see pictured above. 

Drosera rotundifolia is a small, low growing, perennial carnivorous plant that forms a rosette shape as it grows.  Drosera rotundifolia is also known by its common name of round leaved sundew, this plant naturally grows in acidic peaty, boggy, marshy soils, across heathlands, lowlands, moors, and other areas, where you’ll find Drosera rotundifolia growing in acidic soil.  Drosera rotundifolia flowers from mid to late summer.