Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica is a fabulous plant to have in your garden during January, February, and March, when this clematis produces these lovely cream-coloured, pendent flowers that are so beautifully freckled in maroon.  This is an evergreen clematis with handsome, ferny foliage that nicely compliments Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica flowers.  The flowers transform into sumptuously silky, fluffy seed heads as they fade.

I absolutely adore Clematis ‘Kaiu’; this plant’s pretty bell-shaped flowers look as if they were created for a flower fairy!  These gorgeous blooms are white in colour, they’re enhanced by a dusting of mauve from above, which only serves to heighten this plant’s beauty.  This is such a pretty climber with so much going for it, as Clematis ‘Kaiu’ is blessed with a long flowering season. 

Clematis ‘Taiga’ was bred in Japan in 2007.  This clematis cultivar was named ‘Taiga’, meaning big river, as the purple-blue and white flowers bloom profusely, and resemble the flow of water from a great river, with white-capped waves.

Clematis koreana AMBER (‘Wit141205’) was awarded the prestigious title of the winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Competition 2016!  This plant was bred by the Dutch Plant Breeder, Marco de Wit.

Yellow clematis are a rarity.  Clematis koreana AMBER is an award-winning, fully hardy Clematis.  Plants produce soft, creamy yellow coloured, double flowers from April until mid-June; with the added bonus of a second, smaller flush of flowers in September.