Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ is a collarette Dahlia that was raised by Jack Gott, and introduced in 2012.  Plants produce these lovely, creamy white flowers; each bloom features a white ruff that’s attractively highlighted with touches of creamy sunshine yellow.  This yellow infused, white collar encircles every flower’s centre.  Dahlia ‘Sunshine Girl’ plants produce lovely fresh green leaves and stems, which co-ordinate rather beautifully with the white flowers, giving a fresh and lovely touch of green and white to the garden.

Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ is a lovely collarette Dahlia that produces these rather splendid rose-lilac coloured, collarette flowers.  Each flower is adorned with a co-ordinating white ruff, which highlights the centre of each flower; it’s really quite a lovely thing.

I have found that Dahlia ‘Pink Pat and Perc’ is a great Dahlia to grow to provide pollen and nectar for bees, hoverflies, and butterflies. 

Dahlia ‘Katie’s Velvet’ is a gorgeous collarette Dahlia, with deep chocolate-red coloured petals and a lovely matching collar.  Plants produce these sumptuous and very glamorous looking flowers, which in the sunlight really do look like they’re constructed from a rich burgundy velvet.  This really is a special Dahlia!

I love Dahlia ‘Katie’s Velvet’ for its magnificent flowers, but I also greatly value this plant for producing pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and other insects. 

Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ is a collarette Dahlia that produces lovely pale lilac-pink coloured, open centred flowers, which are enhanced by an attractive white ruff, which decorates the centre of each flower.  This is a super Dahlia to grow, if you’re looking to encourage bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and other beneficial insects into your garden.

Plant Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke’ Audrey’ in a lovely warm and sunny spot; Dahlias flourish in the sunshine. 

This is Dahlia ‘Gallery Art Nouveau’, a medium sized Dahlia cultivar, that produces these handsome, vibrant pink coloured flowers.  I’d say that Dahlia ‘Gallery Art Nouveau’ produces medium sized blooms.  One thing that I want to highlight right away, is that Dahlia ‘Gallery Art Nouveau’ flowers are not accessible to bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.  So if you’re looking for bee friendly plants for your garden, this is not one to add to your list! 

Dahlia ‘April Heather’ is a beautiful collarette Dahlia, it produces beautiful open centred flowers with soft yellow florets which are bathed in blush pink.  This is a super Dahlia to grow for cut flowers, its open centred flowers are very popular with bees.


Dahlia ‘Café-au-Lait’ is a tuberous perennial, with green foliage, that grows to about 1m (3.2ft) tall.  Dahlia ‘Café-au-Lait’ is a decorative Dahlia, which produces very large, multi petaled, attractive, nude-peach-blush coloured blooms.

The flowers that Dahlia ‘Café-au-Lait’ produces really are gorgeous – I love them.  It’s just frustrating as this Dahlia really isn’t very generous with its flowers and the blooms are no good for bees, butterflies, and pollinating insects. 

Dahlia ‘Pooh – Swan Island’ is a cheerful, and very colourful, collarette dahlia.  This is a really fun plant; it’s a Dahlia that’s easy to grow and is certain to bring so much joy to your garden or allotment!  Dahlia ‘Pooh – Swan Island’ plants produce these vibrant, orange-red and yellow, open centred flowers.  The blooms have quite a painterly effect and are very attractive to bees and butterflies. 

Dahlia ‘Classic Rosamunde’ is a tuberous perennial that produces very dark, bronze coloured foliage and beautiful anemone-like, semi-double, rose pink coloured flowers, that are very popular with both gardeners and bees and butterflies.

This is one of my absolute favourite Dahlias, which is really saying something, as I adore growing Dahlias and hold a great deal of affection for many cultivars!