Kalanchoe blossfeldiana ‘Perfect White’ is a double-flowered form of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana with fully-double, snow-white coloured flowers.  The blooms are beautifully complimented by this plant’s gorgeous dark-green coloured, scallop-edged foliage.  Kalanchoe blossfeldiana ‘Perfect White’ is a houseplant that’s available to buy online or from garden centres, nurseries, or supermarkets.  In addition to this double-flowered, white form of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana that’s part of my houseplant collection, look out for Kalanchoe blossfeldiana forms with yellow, red, and pink flowers.

Schlumbergera, are a group of epiphytic cacti that are more commonly known as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cactuses, so called, as these Schlumbergera plants usually flower at these celebratory times of year: in November, December, March, and April, though plants can flower anytime from October onwards.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cactuses make super houseplants, which thrive inside our homes, flourishing in rooms that offer a range of conditions, from soft, bright but indirect light, to semi shaded, or shaded conditions.

Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Sensation’ is my favourite Peace Lily.  This magnificent cultivar is an absolute thing of beauty complete with utterly gorgeous, giant sized, ribbed, glossy green leaves.  I’ve been head-over-heals in love with Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Sensation’ since I first spotted this plant – it was love at first sight.  My love and affection for this plant has lasted; I adore Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Sensation’ plants just as much today as when I first saw this plant. 

Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Bingo Cupido’ (‘Spapril’) (PBR) is a regular sized Peace Lily plant that has been bred to produce larger sized flowers.  This plant displays a more floriferous habit with a greater number of flowers held during each flowering period, as well as more frequent flowerings.  Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Bingo Cupido’ plants grow up to around 70cm (2.2ft) tall.

Grow Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Bingo Cupido’ in a warm room, where your plant will enjoy stable temperatures that are unlikely to drop much below 15C (59F). 

Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ is a small-sized, hybrid Phalaenopsis that produces these totally gorgeous, creamy-buttermilk-coloured flowers that display this strikingly handsome, raspberry-coloured veining that radiates out across all the flower’s petals and sepals.  These raspberry-coloured markings perfectly compliment the flower’s rich cherry-coloured lip, which itself is beautifully highlighted by the thinest sliver of gold picotee edging.

When choosing where to position your Phalaenopsis ‘Sunny Angel’ plant, look for a place where your plant will enjoy bright but soft light – choose a position away from harsh or intense light, which is likely to scorch your orchid’s leaves. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Monterry’ is a small-sized Phalaenopsis hybrid with attractive flowers that display dotted and spotted, deep-plum coloured markings that radiate out from each petal; the petals are all highlighted with a silvery coloured picotee edging which really enhances this Phalaenopsis’ blooms.  If you are drawn to Phalaenopsis ‘Monterry’, you might also want to look out for Phalaenopsis ‘Champion Swan’ and Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’, as these orchids produce flowers with similarly intense colourings and markings.

Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ is a gorgeous crimson-flowered Phalaenopsis.  These orchids display utterly mesmerising flowers that radiate spotted and dotted markings with an attractive and rather painterly appearance.  ‘Happy Hour’ has richly coloured flowers that are gently highlighted by a light coloured picotee edging that surrounds the outer edge of each and every bloom.  My Phalaenopsis ‘Happy Hour’ plant currently has three flower spikes, which are around 35cm (14inches) tall. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Cosmea 20’ is a glamorous looking Phalaenopsis with richly coloured flowers in shades of wine and Burgundy.  The velvety blooms are nicely complimented by their patterned ivory lip which is decorated with claret coloured markings and touches of gold highlights; while the petals are enhanced by a light picotee edging.  My Phalaenopsis ‘Cosmea 20’ plant currently has two flower spikes, which are both up to around 30cm (12inches) tall. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Puebla’ produces purple-pink coloured flowers that are enhanced by attractive darker purple veining and complemented by a richly coloured, velvety reddish-purple coloured lip.  Each petal and sepal is outlined with a picotee edging in a suffused shade of ivory.  The overall appearance of Phalaenopsis ‘Puebla’ is very classical and is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Position Phalaenopsis plants away from radiators, heaters, stoves, ovens, and open fires. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ features unusual coloured flowers, its flowers are a beguiling combination of sugary-pink petals and sepals, matched with a rose-copper coloured lip with gold at its heart.  It’s quite a combination, ideal if you’re looking for something different.  This Phalaenopsis orchid’s flower colours are full of both sugar and spice!

To provide the ideal conditions for your Phalaenopsis ‘Santos’ orchid, keep these plants away from radiators, heaters, stoves, ovens, and open fires. 

I adore white flowered orchids.  This is Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’, it’s an orchid with a delicate and elegant style.  Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ flowers are snow-white in colour, their lateral sepals and the flower’s lip are decorated with freckles and enhanced with gold.  It’s a truly charming Phalaenopsis.

White flowered Phalaenopsis make lovely gifts.  The pure white flowers of Phalaenopsis ‘Zurich’ will look good against any colour or interior decor. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Machu Picchu’ is a striking Phalaenopsis, its ivory flowers feature vivid Fuchsia-pink coloured centres on each petal and sepal; this pink colouring suffuses with the white petals rather like a drop of brightly coloured paint moves into other colours, as an artist cleans their brushes or adds new colour to liquid paint.  The flower’s lips are coloured in a deep carmine and highlighted with a golden bow-tie at the centre and a white almost heart-shaped mark on the flower’s nose completes this orchid.

Phalaenopsis ‘La Paz’ is a stunning orchid with gorgeous, sunny yellow flowers!  These Phalaenopsis’ blooms are coloured with such an uplifting yellow, they have a real lightness, and the colour has a charming softness.  The two lateral sepals (the two lower petals) of every ‘La Paz’ flower are highlighted with the lightest of freckles, which are ever so pretty!  The centre of each bloom is white and the lip is golden; the colours tie together beautifully. 

Phalaenopsis ‘Linz’ flowers display the palest of pink petals and sepals; these contrast nicely against the flower’s deep purplish-pink coloured lip.  This orchid is a hybrid Phalaenopsis that makes a superb houseplant.  Phalaenopsis ‘Linz’ thrives in the intermediate temperatures found inside our homes and flowers for extended periods, given the appropriate care.

What do you need to do to care for Phalaenopsis ‘Linz’? 

Phalaenopsis ‘Honeybee’ is a hybrid Phalaenopsis with ivory flowers that are rather beautifully illuminated with orchid-pink veining.  The pink colouring suffuses with the ivory towards the outer regions of the petals and tepals; all are highlighted with an ivory picotee edging, which further enhances this flower’s beauty.  ‘Honeybee’ flowers’ lips are also ivory with the same orchid-pink veining, but they are also imbued in gold. 

The Florist’s Cyclamen (also know by their botanical name, Cyclamen persicum) are tender Cyclamen plants that are often given as gifts.  I find these particular Cyclamen are notoriously difficult to keep.  It’s a miracle if I can keep a Cyclamen persicum specimen alive for as long as a couple of weeks, as these plants thrive in cool temperatures of around 10-15C (50-59F) with a maximum temperature of 15C (59F) and they also require bright, indirect light. 

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana var. alba is tender perennial from Madagascar that’s often grown as a houseplant, in the UK.  I think this plant’s common name is Flaming Katy, but I am sure Kalanchoe blossfeldiana has many other common names.  I find that these plants are very drought tolerant and low maintenance, making them great gifts for both experienced and new gardeners.  Due to the fact that these plants are so easy to grow and they don’t need to be watered every week, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a perfect plant to give anyone that’s not overly interested in plants!

Phalaenopsis ‘Amsterdam’ is a truly gorgeous hybrid Phalaenopsis that produces tall stems of exquisite ivory coloured flowers with attractive rose-pink freckling.  ‘Amsterdam’ freckles are very symmetrical and ordered, they radiate out from the centre of each flower; this freckle formation is rather like those of the stars when Han Solo activates the hyperdrive to take the Millennium Falcon to travel at lightspeed, in Star Wars.

Phalaenopsis ‘Dover’ is a hybrid Phalaenopsis with attractive large-sized, white flowers.  This is a naturally floriferous Phalaenopsis cultivar that produces tall flowering stems decorated with snow-white flowers; each flower’s lip is dipped in gold and this section of the flower features delicate maroon freckles and markings which help to emphasise the beauty of these stunning inflorescences.  Phalaenopsis ‘Dover’ was bred by Anthura, in the Netherlands.

Phalaenopsis ‘Cadillac’ is a beautiful Phalaenopsis with large pink blooms.  This Phalaenopsis produces larger sized flowers than most of the standard Phalaenopsis plants that you tend to find in supermarkets, garden centres, and florists.  My Phalaenopsis ‘Cadillac’ plants produce these stunning pink blooms, they really are fabulous!  I adore the freckling on these Phalaenopsis; this is an exquisite plant.

Phalaenopsis thrive in bright but indirect lighting.