Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana ‘Woodlawn’

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana ‘Woodlawn’ is a small to medium sized epiphytic orchid species which originates from the Philippines.  Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana is the name of this orchid’s species, the ‘Woodlawn’ part of this plant’s name refers to the fact that this particular plant is a clone of a good performing plant within the species.

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana ‘Woodlawn’ favours growing in a humid environment, in warm to hot temperates, under diffused, filtered light.

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘Aparri’,

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘Aparri’ is a small to medium sized, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from the Municipality of Aparri, in the Philippines.

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘Aparri’ thrives when the plant is grown in warm temperatures, in a humid environment, under bright, filtered light.

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘Aparri’ is too large a plant for many terrariums, however this is a beautiful Phalaenopsis which is worth growing if you have a larger sized terrarium or vivarium.

Aerangis hariotiana

Aerangis hariotiana is a miniature to small sized, epiphytic orchid species that originates from the Comoros Islands, where it can be found growing on trees in humid forests.

Aerangis hariotiana originates from a group of islands which offer warm to hot growing conditions.  This charming orchid favours growing under diffused light, in a humid environment, where the air is constantly circulating. 

Aerangis somalensis

Aerangis somalensis is a small sized, epiphytic orchid species, which can be found growing in different areas – in dry areas of woodland, as well as near streams in Africa, namely in Somalia, which is where the second part of this orchid species’ name – the specific epithet derives from, but Aerangis somalensis can also be found growing in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Kenya. 

Angraecum aloifolium

Angraecum aloifolium is an epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Madagascar.  Angraecum aloifolium can be found growing on trees, in areas of dry, deciduous forest in the Mahajanga Province, which can be found in the Northwestern region of Madagascar.  Here Angraecum aloifolium grows at around 400m above sea level.  This is a small sized orchid species, which produces the most beautiful leaves – they are thick and pitted, and coloured with a jewel like, intense green. 

Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia

Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia is a miniature, epiphytic orchid, which produces rather cute, white and yellow coloured flowers.  This miniature orchid’s pastel yellow coloured blooms are very pretty indeed.  I believe this particular orchid species to be the yellow flowered form of Phalaenopsis lobbii.

Phalaenopsis lobbii f. flavilabia blooms from late winter, to mid to late spring.  Spring is this Phalaenopsis species’ main flowering time, but this miniature orchid may bloom twice a year. 

Angraecum bancoense

Angraecum bancoense is a species of miniature, epiphytic orchid that can be found growing on trees, in very humid rainforests in various parts of Africa.  This pretty miniature orchid species is often seen growing upon deciduous trees growing near ponds or waterfalls, in rainforests or reserves and mountainous forests.

Angraecum bancoense is very similar at first glance to Angraecum distichum, but plants of Angraecum bancoense are of a smaller size, and there are also differences between the appearance of these two orchid species’ flowers.

Angraecum rutenbergianum

Angraecum rutenbergianum is a miniature orchid species that grows both upon trees in humid, densely populated forests, notably growing upon Agauria salicifoliaAngraecum rutenbergianum can also be found growing in a quite different environment – on wet rocks and stones, in areas which receive a far greater degree of sunlight, in central Madagascar.

Angraecum rutenbergianum produces beautiful, white coloured flowers, which are very large in comparison to the diminutive size of this miniature orchid species, which grows to no more than 12cm (just under 5″) in size.

Angraecum pyriforme

Angraecum pyriforme is an epiphytic miniature orchid species that originates from mainland Africa, where it can be found growing in a number of areas, including the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Angraecum pyriforme produces multiple, medium sized, waxy looking, greenish yellow flowers, which have a light, meadow-like fragrance.

Phalaenopsis braceana

Phalaenopsis braceana is a species of miniature, epiphytic, deciduous orchid, which originates from a number of places, including Bhutan, Myanmar, and the Himalayas, where these miniature orchids can be found growing atop trees on the edges of forests.

The inflorescences of Phalaenopsis braceana display variable colourations.

Phalaenopsis braceana thrives in low, indirect, filtered light, in humid conditions.