Phalaenopsis pulcherrima alba is the white flowered form of Phalaenopsis pulcherrima.  This is a small sized orchid species.  Plants usually grow as a terrestrial or lithophytic plants; although Phalaenopsis pulcherrima alba can also be grown as an epiphyte.

Phalaenopsis japonica is small sized orchid species that produces very attractive, lemon scented inflorescences, during spring and summertime.  The greenish-white flowers are handsomely decorated with pink markings that cover the flower’s lip and these compliment the somewhat variable maroon markings that highlight the blooms’ sepals and petals.

This orchid species’ specific epithet (the second part of the orchid species’ name) – japonica means that this orchid species is from Japan. 

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima is a terrestrial, lithophytic, and at times epiphytic orchid species, which can be found growing in a wide range of locations including: Vietnam, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

In its native environment, Phalaenopsos pulcherrima grows as a terrestrial orchid, in free draining, sandy soils.  This orchid can be found growing in areas that enjoy both the shelter of trees, shrubs, and taller plants, yet receive bright sunlight and good air circulation. 

Holcoglossum weixiense is a species of epiphytic, miniature orchid, that originates from the Weixi area of the Yunnan Province, in the South West of China.  Here Holcoglossum weixiense can be found upon trees growing near rivers, in areas of evergreen, mountainous forest.  This miniature, epiphytic orchid species can be found growing in mountain areas that range from 2300 to 2900m above sea level.

Phalaenopsis hainanensis is a miniature, lithophytic orchid species, which originates from Hainan in China, where this orchid can be found growing on rocks.  Phalaenopsis hainanensis is critically endangered in the wild, if you’d like to grow this orchid species yourself, look out for plants grown in flasks, or grown as part of a plant conservation project, so you avoid purchasing any plants that are collected in the wild.

Phalaenopsis honghenensis is a species of miniature, epiphytic orchid, which originates from China and Thailand, where this orchid species can be found growing on the trunks of mossy, lichen covered trees.

The flowers of Phalaenopsis honghenensis can be variable in colour.  The flowers are fragrant, producing a sweet fragrance, which has quite different, pleasing, yet surprising characteristics and scent notes.

Phalaenopsis honghenensis grows well in intermediate, humid conditions, in indirect, filtered light.  

Phalaenopsis malipoensis is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from China and Vietnam, where this orchid can be found growing upon the branches of trees, in woodland glades.  Phalaenopsis malipoensis enjoys bright, filtered, indirect light, and very humid growing conditions.  This orchid species enjoys intermediate to warm temperatures in its native environment.

In the spring and summertime, Phalaenopsis malipoensis plants produce pretty little white flowers with pale orange markings, which are about 2cm (0.8″) in size. 

Bulbophyllum ambrosia is a miniature to small sized orchid species that grows as a lithophyte – on rocks and stones, and as an epiphyte – on trees found growing in areas of evergreen and deciduous forest.  This miniature orchid species originates from China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Bulbophyllum ambrosia grows happily both as a potted specimen in a free draining, speciality orchid compost comprised of large pieces of bark with perlite and pumice. 

Phalaenopsis stobartiana is an epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to China, where this miniature sized orchid enjoys growing in warm, humid conditions.  In its natural environment, in the wild the plant receives bright, filtered, indirect light.

Phalaenopsis stobartiana produces up to nine, striking green, white, and pink flowers on each of its flowering stems.  The flowers are not usually scented, but they are attractive and last well.

Phalaenopsis wilsonii is a miniature orchid species that’s endemic to Yunnan, in China.  Plants from this versatile orchid species are capable of growing as an epiphyte – when they grow upon trees, or as a lithophyte – when the plants grow over rocks.  This miniature Phalaenopsis species has formed small colonies of plants, within the wooded and forested areas of South West China.

Holcoglossum flavescens is a miniature sized, epiphytic orchid species that is endemic to China.  Plants grow upon the branches of trees, in forested areas that enjoy a humid atmosphere.

Holcoglossum flavescens produces beautiful flowers, which have quite a charm and character to them, however the colours of this orchids’ flowers can be a little variable, leading the plant to be misidentified, on occasion.