Actiniopteris australis

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: Africa, Asia, Australia, India, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Middle East, Nepal, Reunion Island, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Actiniopteris australis is a tender fern that requires warm temperatures to flourish.  This pretty little fern can be found growing in the wild, in a wide range of countries and locations, including: Madagascar, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Producing very pretty, palm like fronds on a diminutive scale, Actiniopteris australis is a charming fern to add to your collection.

Actiniopteris australis is a miniature fern, that grows to just 15cm (6 inches) tall.  This is not a rampant, spreading fern, it’s a genuinely petite fern that remains contained and compact.  Actiniopteris australis is a terrestrial fern, that grows in the soil.  Actiniopteris australis thrives in warm temperatures, from 18C (65F) to 28C (82F).  My Actiniopteris australis ferns are growing in a semi shaded to fully shaded location, these ferns receive a low level of indirect, natural sunlight.

For a great many years, Actiniopteris australis has been used as an important medicinal plant.  This fern is used to treat a wide range of medical complaints.

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