Adiantum pubescens

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: Australia, New Zealand

Adiantum pubescens is a small to medium sized terrestrial fern – a fern that grows in the soil or is planted in a container or planter.  This fern produces soft-bronze coloured new growth; as the fronds grow their colour soon changes – established fronds are a lovely leaf-green colour.

If you’re thinking of growing Adiantum pubescens, let me give you some tips.  This fern requires good air circulation, high humidity levels, and indirect, soft, filtered lighting.  Take care to ensure that your Adiantum pubescens fern’s fronds are not continually wet, or they will be liable to start decomposing!  As this fern dislikes being weighed down by excessive moisture, Adiantum pubescens ferns flourish when they’re grown in a terrarium fitted with a fan, as the fan will maintain continual air circulation around the fern and its fronds.  This is a fern that favours warm growing conditions that range from 15C to 25C (60F to 77F).

Ensure that your Adiantum pubescens fern is placed in a position where it will enjoy only soft, indirect light.  Adiantum pubescens fronds are very delicate, they are sensitive to light.  Harsh light will scorch Adiantum pubescens fronds, causing them to turn brown, so be sure to place your fern in a position where it won’t be harmed by too intense lighting.

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