Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: South America

Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ is a pretty fern that thrives in partially shaded to shaded conditions.  This is a tender fern that flourishes in a very humid environment.  Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ requires well-drained but moisture retentive compost, and soft, indirect lighting.  These are the keys to succeeding with Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’.

Mature Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ specimens will eventually reach about 50-60cm (19-23″) tall.  Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ is a good choice of fern for a terrarium, bottle garden, or vivarium that’s large enough to accommodate the fern.

I love maidenhair ferns.  I really wanted to include an Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ specimen in my planting of the BiOrbAir terrarium – to see how this fern faired when it was grown inside this particular terrarium.

You can see more photographs and see how my Adiantum raddianum ‘Fritz-Luthi’ is growing in the first part of my BiOrbAir review.  This link will take you straight to the trial update which was written at the time that this fern was first planted inside my terrarium.  You can follow this fern’s growth and development in this, and the following trial updates.

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