Adiantum species

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: Americas, Colombia, South America

This Adiantum is a species of miniature fern, which originates from Colombia, where this fern grows terrestrially – in the soil, and also as an epiphyte – on the branches of trees.

This miniature fern grows well in soft, diffused light, in temperatures from 15 – 25C (59 – 77F).  This fern is a great choice of fern for a terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden, as its diminutive size means that this fern won’t become too tall for its enclosure.

This Adiantum species is very pretty, its fronds are very attractive.  This is a charming species of fern.

I was told very little about this fern when I purchased it – I was just informed that the fern originated from Colombia.  I have found this Adiantum fern species to be easy to grow, providing you can provide your fern with a very humid environment, where your fern can enjoy indirect, soft, filtered light and intermediate to warm temperatures.  I assume this that Adiantum species is tender – I’ve not tested this fern in cold conditions!

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