Aerangis arachnopus

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Zaire

Aerangis arachnopus is an orchid species from tropical Africa.  In the wild, Aerangis arachnopus orchids grow as part of the ecosystem in evergreen forests in the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Zaire.  Aerangis arachnopus plants are usually found in a range from 400m to 1000m above sea level.

Like many orchids, Aerangis arachnopus plants grow as epiphytes.  Aerangis arachnopus orchids don’t grow in the soil, as terrestrial plants do; instead, epiphytic plants use their roots to attach themselves to the branches and trunks of trees.  Epiphytic plants are not the same as parasitic plants, these plants don’t take any sustenance or nutrients from the trees they grow upon.  This type of orchid simply uses a host plant to raise the plant up to a higher position within the forest, where the orchid can enjoy optimal growing conditions, including improved air circulation and humidity levels, and shade from bright sunshine.

I prefer to grow most of my Aerangis arachnopus plants mounted on pieces of cork bark, but if you prefer, you can also grow this orchid species in a small container filled with large pieces of bark.  Ensure that your orchid’s pot has a hole for drainage and take care to ensure that your plant won’t sit in water – allow water to run through and out the bottom of your plant’s planter, as you water.

I always recommend using rainwater to water orchids.  These orchids benefit from being misted daily, as they enjoy growing in a humid environment.  To maintain humid growing conditions, Aerangis arachnopus plants thrive when they’re grown in a terrarium or orchidarium.  Aerangis achachnopus plants flourish in warm, humid growing conditions, in areas with soft, gentle lighting.

This orchid species hails from Africa; so naturally Aerangis arachnopus thrives in warm temperatures.  These orchids require filtered, diffused light; avoid harsh sunlight or direct light, which may scorch your plant’s leaves.  Look for a semi-shaded or shaded location, where your Aerangis arachnopus plant can bask in soft, indirect light.

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