Aerangis articulata

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Comoros Islands, Madagascar

Aerangis articulata is a miniature orchid species from Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.  These handsome orchids produce very decorative, pendent snow-white flowers.

This orchid species grows as an epiphyte.  Epiphytic plants grow upon another plant; these orchids are not parasitic – they don’t take any nutrients or sustenance from the host plant they grow upon.  Growing as an epiphyte is a useful strategy for this orchid species; Aerangis articulata plants benefit from the improved growing conditions and better air circulation that their host plants provide them with.

Aerangis articulata plants grow upon the trunks of trees, in the forests of Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.  This orchid species flourishes near water and enjoys growing in humid environments.  Plants relish warm temperatures; these plants thrive in the shade.  Aerangis articulata enjoy daily misting for most of the year.  However, after the plants have bloomed, Aerangis articulata requires a drier, winter rest period, which lasts for two or three months, before daily misting recommences and the cycle begins again.

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