Aerangis mooreana

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Africa, Comoros Islands, Madagascar

Aerangis mooreana is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from Madagascar and the Comoros Islands.  This orchid can be found growing on the branches of trees, growing on fairly low-lying ground, in humid forests.  Aerangis mooreana produces pendent flowering stems holding a number of attractive white flowers, which hang below the plant.

This miniature orchid is an epiphyte – a plant that grows upon another plant.  Epiphytic plants take no sustenance from their host plants, an epiphytic plant simply uses their host plant to raise them up to a higher position, thereby enabling the epiphytic plant to gain an elevated position within the forest canopy, where the plant enjoys better access to light, water, and nutrients.  Thanks to the host trees that they grow upon, the Aerangis mooreana plants enjoy better air circulation around their roots.  In the very humid, moist environments that Aerangis mooreana in habit, in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands, these orchids are reliant on their host plants to achieve the conditions they require for healthy growth.  When trees in these forest areas are cut down, for whatever reason, the orchids, ferns, and other native plants, as well as the insects, animals, and creatures of every kind that live amongst these trees are naturally impacted.  Trees are so important, it seems mad that we under value trees, harm, and remove them so often.

I grow my Aerangis mooreana plants in intermediate temperatures, with a minimum temperature that ranges from a low of 16C (60F) at night, to a maximum of whatever temperature the UK summertime brings.  My plants are grown inside my home, where they are sheltered from the heat of the sun and the cold of the autumn and winter weather.  As they are grown indoors, my Aerangis mooreana plants are also sheltered from any harsh light or direct sunlight; these plants are grown in a dark room (not intentionally, just because my home is rather dark and I don’t have a huge amount of space), with LED lights to supplement their lighting, as the room they are growing inside receives very little daylight.  My plants are grown in a sheltered spot within my terrarium, where my Aerangis mooreana plants are shaded by some of the plants that are growing above them.

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